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V-RD151-4 15-inch Rack Mount LCD Monitor Slim Drawer-type Housing, with Quad SplitterView full size

V-RD151-4 15-inch Rack Mount LCD Monitor Slim Drawer-type Housing, with Quad Splitter

15" Rack Mountable Pull-Out Drawer LCD Panel with Built-in Quad Splitter

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The Marshall V-RD151-4 is a rack mountable LCD monitor for situations where space is an issue. The 15-inch monitor is built into a pull-out drawer that is only 1 rack-unit in height. But once pulled out from the drawer, the monitor displays up to 4 composite video signals at one time with its quad splitter. It can also display those 4 video signals in succession with its sequential switcher.

Quad-Splitter and Switcher Features

The V-RD151-4 is applicable to security video environments with its ability of display up to 4 video images simultaneously. The unit has 4 composite video inputs with loop-through outputs. A quad-splitter function can take the 4 signals and show them in 4 quadrants on the screen. Its picture-in-picture feature can take 1 image full screen and overlay the additional 3 images in smaller windows. The switcher function takes the composite inputs and displays them in succession at user-programmable speed intervals.

Computer and S-Video Display Feature

In addition to the 4 composite video inputs, the monitor will also accept higher quality S-Video signals. The monitor will also take a computer signal via its 15-pin connector and resolutions up to XGA. These two inputs can only be displayed full screen and will not work with the switcher or splitter functions.

Side-Out Drawer Economy

The V-RD151-4 monitor is part of a rack mount unit that is only 1 rack unit in height. Pull out the drawer and pull the monitor out and you have a 15-inch display that shows a high resolution 1024 horizontal by 768 vertical lines. Perfect for duplication racks or production vehicles where space is at a premium.

ApplicationDisplay, Rack Mount
Dimensions (WxHxD)19.12 x 1.75 x 2 inches
Input and Output ConnectorsComposite Video- BNC (x 4 input, 4 output) S-Video- 4-Pin (x 1 input only) VGA- 15-Pin (x 1 input only) Power- Coaxial (x 1 input only)
LCD Size15 inch diagonal
Picture ControlsColor Contrast Brightness Tint
Picture Elements1024 horizontal x 768 vertical dots
Power Consumption2.5 A
Power Requirements12 Volts DC
Remote ControlNone
Video SystemNTSC
Weight10 lbs (4.53 Kg)