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6.5" Lightweight On-Camera Field MonitorView full size

6.5" Lightweight On-Camera Field Monitor

Marshall Electronics 6.5" Lightweight On-Camera Field Monitor -7" Small Portable Field / Camera-Top LCD Monitor

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Marshall's V-LCD651STX-3GSDI 6.5" Lightweight On-Camera Field Monitor excels at producing perfectly exposed images under bright sunlight and other high-ambient lighting. But its advanced Super Transflective technology is only part of the story. This 2.4MP display uses 10-bit processing and 4x oversampling to provide clear and colorful images that make it the ideal on-camera imaging aid, whether replacing a DSLR viewfinder or a camcorder's small, built-in LCD.

Flexibility is also key, starting with the monitor's inputs, which include composite, component, and 3G/HD/SDI--giving you the choice of SD/HD and analog/digital. The selection of power options is even more impressive, from plugging in the included external power supply to utilizing the same batteries used in your camcorder (with optional battery plates). Other powerful features, such as RGB gain and bias control, false color, peaking, and numerous user-adjustable markers and settings, make the V-LCD651STX-HDMI truly indispensable to any location production.

Super Transflective

Designed specifically for outdoor applications with high ambient light, Marshall's outdoor super-transmissive LCDs provide improved visibility by producing high-contrast images and a wider viewing angle, even under diverse and challenging lighting environments. This innovative technology dramatically boosts the efficiency of the LCD backlight's light utilization, while maintaining extended temperature ratings and low power consumption for outdoor operation.

False Colors

The False Color filter is used to aid in the setting of camera exposure. As the camera iris is adjusted, elements of the image will change color based on the luminance or brightness values. This enables proper exposure to be achieved without the use of costly, complicated external test equipment.

Peaking Filter

The Peaking Filter is used to aid the camera operator in obtaining the sharpest possible picture. When activated, all color will be removed from the display and a black-and-white image will remain. The internal processor will display RED color on the screen where sharp edges appear. When the camera operator adjusts (or "racks") the focus, different parts of the image will have RED colored edges. This indicates that this portion of the image is sharp or in focus.

Battery Compatibility

These units offer the ability to adapt up to nine different battery configurations for providing mobile operation in the field. This option provides flexibility when using different cameras or configurations. Marshall's large selection of battery adapters can be interchanged (or "swapped out") by the end-user.

Scratch Resistant Screen

As almost all professionals know, the field can often be a rough place. The LCD is built from the ground up to weather the storm. By incorporating a scratch-resistant panel, users no longer have to worry about that occasional branch making contact with the monitor.

Why Choose Marshall vs. Cheaper Monitors?

  •  Durable, thin, and lightweight construction
  •  650 cd/m² brightness, 500:1 contrast ratio
  •  4 user-configurable function buttons
  •  RGB gain and bias control
  •  User-adjustable panning (Pixel-to-Pixel mode)
  •  Signal integrity meter
  •  Optional Heavy-Duty Protective Shield
  •  RGB Check Field / Field Detect
  •  16:9, 4:3, Pixel-to-Pixel modes
  •  Variety of markers
  •  Freeze frame
  •  Active input loop-through/reclocked output
  •  Robust 12V 4-pin XLR power connector
  •  Designed, engineered, and assembled in USA

Available Battery Adapter Configurations

  • V-LCD651STX-3GSDI-AB- Anton-Bauer Battery Plate
  • V-LCD651STX-3GSDI-CMCanon Battery Plate
  • V-LCD651STX-3GSDI-JM- JVC Battery Plate
  • V-LCD651STX-3GSDI-PM- Panasonic PM Battery Plate
  • V-LCD651STX-3GSDI-PV- Panasonic PV Battery Plate
  • V-LCD651STX-3GSDI-SB- Sony 'B' Series Battery Plate
  • V-LCD651STX-3GSDI-SL- Sony 'L' Series Battery Plate
  • V-LCD651STX-3GSDI-SM- Sony 'M' Series Battery Plate
  • V-LCD651STX-3GSDI-VM- V-Mount Battery Plate

Resolution1024 x 768
Power Consumption1 Amp (Max) @ 12VDC (12W Max)
Pixel Pitch (mm)0.129mm(H) x 0.129mm(V)
Picture ControlsBrightness, Color, Tint, Contrast, Menu, F1-F4
Loop-through outputsComposite x 1, Component x 1, 3G/HD/SDI x 1
LCD Size6.5-inch Diagonal (132.096mm x 99.072mm)
InputsComposite x 1, Component x 1, 3G/HD/SDI x 1
Dimensions (WxHxD)6.8"w x 6.0"h x 1.9"d
Contrast Ratio500:1
Brightness650 cd/m²
Available Battery Adapter Configurations User-Replaceable Battery Adapters: "CM" - (Canon), "JM" - (JVC), "PM" - (Panasonic), "PV" - (Panasonic), "SB" - (Sony B series), "SL" - (Sony L series), "SM" - (Sony M series), "AB" - (Anton/Bauer), "VM" - (V-Mount)
ApplicationOn-camera & Field Monitor
Video SystemNTSC, PAL
Viewing AngleL/R: 160° U/D: 140°
Weight1.3 lbs. (0.590 kg)