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8.4" 1.44 MegaPixel LCD, NTSC/PAL, 4:3/16:9 switchable with SXGA InputsView full size

8.4" 1.44 MegaPixel LCD, NTSC/PAL, 4:3/16:9 switchable with SXGA Inputs


TFT-MegaPixel 8.4-Inch Field Monitor with VGA Input

8.4" 1.44 MegaPixel LCD, NTSC/PAL, 4:3/16:9 switchable with SXGA Inputs

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The Marshall V-R84DP-VGA is an 8.4" high resolution LCD monitor featuring Marshall's TFT-MegaPixel technology perfect for professional video applications. The V-R84DP-VGA takes up less space in the studio while requiring less power, making it ideal for high-end video workstations. The spectrum of features and functions, such as Hyper Process and Match Color conversion make this product valuable in the most sophisticated production facilities.

Automatic NTSC or PAL Recognition

The V-R84DP-VGA accepts both NTSC and PAL standard signals. Conveniently, the monitor automatically detects which standard it is being fed without having to push a button, flip a switch or access a menu option.

TFT-MegaPixel Technology

Marshall's TFT-MegaPixel technology ensures scaled images acquired from different format resolutions never suffer from distortion. Whether it is SD or HD, the monitor displays a crisp and accurate image. Manual adjustments can be used to tweak them even further.

Hyper Process and CRT Color Match

Dedicated to providing the most complete professional solutions, Marshall has equipped the unit with both Hyper Process and CRT Color Match technology. Hyper Process compensates and smooths out interlaced signals while CRT Color Match helps produce images that resemble SMPTE-C phosphor found in high-end CRT monitors.

ApplicationRack Mount, Control Room, Video and Computer Monitoring
Dimensions (WxHxD)9 x 6.875 x 2.5" 22.86 x 17.46 x 3.81 cm
Input and Output Connectors1 SXGA
LCD Size8.4" Diagonal
Picture ControlsColor Brightness Contrast Tint
Picture Elements800 x 600
Power Consumption5 A (36 Watts)
Power Requirements12 Volts DC
Remote ControlNone
Video SystemNTSC and PAL, Auto-Switch
Weight3.3 lbs 1.5 kg