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VZTOC-3A TOC 3-Axis Lens Drive Control Box

Lens drive box for 3 TOC motors.

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The Varizoom TOC 3-Axis Lens Drive Control Box forms the core of the Total Optical Control (TOC) system, which provides universal lens control to cameras mounted on a Cinema Pro Motion Control head or as a standalone system. Working in concert with a Handheld Controller Unit and up to 3 lens drive motors, the Control Box allows remote operation of zoom, focus, and iris on any lens system in the world. Simply connect the controller and your lens motor of choice (zoom/focus/iris) via optional control and motor cables, and the Control Box will implement your slightest lens adjustment with remarkable electronic precision.

Note! System requires Handheld Controller Unit and at least one lens motor (sold separately).

  • Precision Machining

Extremely tight tolerances are held on every machined part to ensure flawless fit and finish. Designed and produced using cutting-edge software and equipment, the mechanical integrity and operational stability of the TOC are above reproach.

  • Superior Components

Utilizing the finest custom motors, prime electronics, and costly Lemo connectors, the TOC system is designed not only to perform flawlessly, but to last for years. Painstakingly selected, assembled, and tested components ensure that you'll get every penny out of your investment.

  • Intensive, Robust Software

Varizoom's proprietary software draws on decades of experience in electronics programming, motion control, and optics implemented at the very highest levels of filmmaking. Extremely flexible and easy to use, the parametric lens control interface can be easily accessed and tuned through the TOC controller. Designed to be future-proof, the architecture of this system allows for a mind-boggling range of possibilities.