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BK-P2M Front Two Pocket Module - for Porta Brace Local or Extreme Backpacks (Black)

The Backpack Camera Case Front 2-Pocket Module securely zippers on to the Local and Extreme Modular Backpacks. Store your Rain Slicker, batteries and other accessories while you're on the move. Access them all easily when you need them.

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The Porta Brace BK-P2M Front Two Pocket Module (Black) is made to securely zipper on to the Porta Brace Local or Extreme Modular Backpacks. It can store a rain slicker, batteries and other accessories. It provides easy access to the accessories.

1000 denier Cordura fabric two pocket module provides easy access to accessories.


  • Large pocket is 9.0 x 11 x 3.0" (LxWxH)
  • Small pocket is 6.0 x 11.25 x 3.0" (LxWxH)


Compatible with

  • Porta Brace BK-2LC or BK-3LC Local series backpacks (Replacement)
  • Porta Brace BK-2LCL or BK-3LCL Local series backpacks with BK-LPM laptop module
  • Porta Brace BK-2EX or BK-3EX Extreme series backpacks (Replacement)
  • Porta Brace BK-2EXL or BK-3EXL Extreme series with BK-LPM Laptop module
  • Porta Brace BK-2EXP or BK-3EXP Extreme series with all modules (Replacement)
AccommodatesRain slicker, batteries and other accessories
Carrying/Transport OptionsZipped to a backpack
Exterior Dimensions17.5 x 11.5 x 3.0" (44.45 x 29.21 x 7.62 cm) (LxWxH)
Interior DimensionsLarge pocket: 9.0 x 11 x 3.0" (22.86 x 27.94 x 7.62cm) (LxWxH) Small pocket: 6.0 x 11.25 x 3.0" (15.24 x 28.58 x 7.62cm) (LxWxH)
Material1000 denier Cordura fabric
Type of ClosureZipper
Weight15.2 oz (431g)