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QR-SDH Gold Mount Plate

Gold Mount Plate for Sony Betacam SX, Digital Betacam and Hi-Definition Cameras, Sony V-Mount

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Anton Bauers Gold Mount battery mounts are custom designed to operate with specific pieces of equipment. This particular mount works with Sony Betacam SX, Digital Betacam and Hi-Definition Cameras and Camcorders. Find the proper Gold Mount for your equipment.

  • Versatility

The Gold Mount system is designed to be extremely versatile and allows the user to easily grow with new cell technology.

  • Worldwide Acceptance

The Gold Mount is offered as original equipment (OEM) by virtually every major video manufacturer.

  • PowerTap

This exclusive Anton/Bauer feature allows a camera mounted light, wireless microphone, or other DC accessory to be powered from the camera battery.

  • Automatique

This feature of the Gold Mount is standard with most new camcorders. A special power circuit in the Gold Mount mates with the VTR roll signal in the camera/camcorder allowing an Ultralight-2 to turn on/off automatically in sync with the recorder.

  • InterActive Viewfinder

The Gold Mount includes a special InterActive contact that transmits the fuel computer signal from a DIGITAL battery to the viewfinder "Fuel Gauge" included in many cameras/camcorders.

Battery and PowerDual 3 Stud Anton Bauer Power Tap Connection
Mount TypeMounts to Sony V-Mount Connector
Voltage12-14.4 VDC