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Battery Management System

Battery Management System

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This Battery Management System streamlines battery maintenance by delivering battery information to the camera operator via battery management software, utilizing a specially designed USB to Anton/Bauer Gold Mount bracket. When a battery is installed on the AB-BMS Gold Mount, information is downloaded from the battery via the BMS software onto the PC. The software will automatically open a file based on the battery serial number and store all battery related data for the purpose of tracking and analyzing performance.

  • Compatible with all Anton/Bauer Logic Series Batteries.
  • Displays essential battery information with a RealTime® “fuel guage” graphic, remaining runtime, temperature, voltage, present capacity, learned capacity and nameplate capacity.
  • Provides e-mail warning when battery reaches 50% of nameplate capacity - warning can be programmed to user specs.
  • Calculates how long a given battery will run a camera based on a database of professional video cameras and their respective load ratings in watts.
  • Provides end-user defined options for local and regional Anton/Bauer Customer Support e-mail addresses.