The Teradek Beam Full HD Camera Encoder

The Teradek Beam is a full HD camera-back H.264 encoder, capable of delivering stunning video at bit rates up to 50Mbps. Beam utilizes the unlicensed 5GHz band and can transmit up to 2500ft with just 2 frames of latency. Whether the job requires a wireless link back to the OB Van or an MPEG-TS stream back to the station, Beam gives broadcasters unparalleled flexibility in the field.

teradek beam

New Teradek beam

Functional Design

With a 3G-SDI input and your choice of AB- or V-mount battery plates, Beam seamlessly integrates with all popular professional cameras. The chassis also includes an OLED screen for quick configuration, LAN port for broadcasting over wired networks, and support for high power transmission on the 5.15 ~ 5.25GHz band.

Multicast Capable, IFB, & Camera Control

Beam is multicast capable up to 4 receivers and includes a dedicated bidirectional IFB channel, which allows a news operations center to speak directly to the camera operator in the field. Beam also offers support for camera control over a bidirectional RS422 port.

Protocol Support

Beam is compatible with the RTSP and MPEG-TS protocols, giving broadcasters the ability to transmit video over the Internet to a Beam decoder or directly to computers at very high bit rates. The Beam decoder can also act as an RTSP server, which will re-stream your video feed directly to a local computer.

teradek beam

New Teradek beam Transmitter Receiver Pair

Full Features:


  • High performance SD/HD/3G-SDI transmission over Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN (IP)
  • 264 encoding/decoding engine: Baseline profile level 4.2 with de-interlacing
  • Full HD encoding up to 1920x1080p60
  • Streaming server function on both Beam TX and Beam RX
  • Very low encode/decode end-to-end latency in 1080i59.94 HD: 70ms ~ 80ms
  • Single video stream + stereo audio
  • SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI supported for PAL, NTSC and full HD video
  • Supports DTV Standards
    • SMPTE 244, BT601 (NTSC): 525i59.94
    • IEC61179-5, BT601 (PAL): 625i50
    • SMPTE 296M: 720p23.98, 720p24, 720p25, 720p30, 720p50, 720p59.94, 720p60
    • SMPTE 274M: 1080i50, 1080i59.94, 1080i60, 1080PsF23.98,1080PsF24, 1080PsF25, 1080PsF29.97, 1080PsF30, 1080p23.98, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29.97, 1080p30, 1080p50, 1080p59.94, 1080p60
  • Supported bitrates : 100kbps – 30Mbps over Wireless, 50Mbps over Ethernet
  • Error resiliency : Variable GOP size, random intra-refresh, contiguous intra-refresh, I-frame control


  • SD/HD/3G-SDI embedded audio
  • Mini-stereo phone jack in and out for analog stereo audio
  • Analog stereo audio: 48kHz sampling with 16 bit ADC
  • Wireless IFB audio from TX to RX and from RX to TX with 8kHz sampling and 16bit ADC


  • Wireless Output for Audio/Video : Supporting IEEE 802.11n/5GHz
  • Wide radio coverage up to 800m (2,500ft) with 12Mbps at line of sight
  • Ethernet port for audio/video transmission: Ethernet LAN (10/100 BASE-TX, Cat.5e UTP cable)
  • 1 TX to 1 RX connection or 1 TX to 4 RX connections on wireless mode
  • One to one connection & one to many connection on the Ethernet LAN mode
  • Multi-casting and simulcast modes to both the Beam RX and software decoder on PC
  • RTSP streaming server or MPEG-TS streaming device over Wi-Fi or LAN port on the Beam TX
  • RTSP streaming relay server over LAN port on the Beam RX

User Interface

  • Internet Explorer/Chrome web browser for changing system configurations or firmware upgrade
  • USB for firmware upgrade
  • OLED front panel for configuration and status information
  • RS-422 serial port for relaying bidirectional external control signalsOperation :


Connect and Power Your Device

1.Connect the SDI output from your video source to the SD/HD/3G-SDI input on the Beam TX. Connect the SD/HD/3G-SDI output from the Beam RX to the SDI input on your monitor.

2.Connect power to your Beam TX using the included A/C adapter or a compatible AB/V-mount battery. Power the Beam RX with the included A/C adapter.

3.Attach the included antennas to the Beam TX and RX.

4.Move the power switches on both the transmitter and receiver to the ON position. Boot up time is approximately 45 seconds.

Wireless operation

1.The Beam TX and RX are pre-configured for point-to-point operation over WiFi. When powered on, they will connect to the same Wireless network, TeradekBeam_00 (SSID number may vary if multiple units are purchased together).

2.Beam TX can send video to up to four RX units over WiFi. To enable multicast, enter the Beam TX Streamer menu and set the

Mode to Multicast. Do the same for all Beam RX units. Next, set a different Decoder ID for each receiver, available values are 1 to 4. This can be configured via the Beam RX front panel, under the Decoder ID menu.

Ethernet operation

1.Connect the Beam TX and RX LAN ports to a network switch. The TX and RX default IP addresses are and, respectively.

2.Enter the WiFi menu on the TX and select ‘Ethernet LAN’. Repeat this process on the TX.

3.After the network mode is switched, the TX will transmit to the RX.


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