Professional Wireless Video Production Systems

The new WP-1X and WP-2X HDMI wireless video production packages offer two highly versatile configurations of Marshall 5.23 Ghz wireless technology. These exciting packages allow complete freedom of movement and minimal cabling for fixed and mobile video production. Easily create links between miniature cameras, production cameras, monitors, video switchers, projectors and more.
The building blocks of the system consist of the V-WHR AC/DC powered receiver module and two ergonomic transmitter designs.

Professional Wireless Video Production System - StreamportTransmitter style 1
The AC/DC powered “brick” transmitter is a power unitized module that can live on a table top, mount to camera shoes and studs or can operate as a belt pack.

Transmitter style 2
The camera powered “stick” transmitter connects directly to the camcorder HDMI port and can also be cabled to any convenient mounting point on your rig as needed.
Each transmitter has an HDMI 1.3 interface, a 30-meter range and supports video resolutions up to 1080p60 with no line-of-sight restriction and excellent through-wall performance.
Battery powered transmitters and receivers can be easily configured to operate with snap-on camera battery mounts supporting many brands. (see table below)

All receivers and transmitters are compliant with WHDI 1.0 and HDCP. Uncompressed video and stereo audio are transmitted with less than a 1 millisecond delay.

Wireless¬≥ (wireless “cubed”)
Unlike previous wireless technologies, several systems can work simultaneously in very close proximity. Ideal for live switching in cable challenged environments.


V-WHT-A (Self Contained HDMI / WHDI Stick Transmitter)


V-WHR (Battery Powered Wireless Belt Receiver)








Universal Power Mounting System
The V-WHT-B transmitter and V-WHR receiver are designed to use the Marshall universal battery adapter plate. This allows each system to be conveniently configured to use the same batteries that the Camcorder or DSLR use.

Universal Power Mounting System


Wireless Video Production Package 1
Camera / Tabletop Transmitter Version
Configured with dual version Universal Battery Adapters.




Wireless Video Production Package 2
Stick Transmitter Version
V-WHT-A Receiver configured with dual version Universal Battery Adapter.





Source: Marshall Electronics

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