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EgripZ Camcorder SupportView full size

EgripZ Camcorder Support

Literally the most flexible camera grip in the industry, the innovative design of the EgripZ provides a new level of ergonomic control of the camera providing additional stability in a wide variety of shooting positions.

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The Anton-Bauer EgripZ Handheld Camcorder Support is an ergonomic grip that helps small camcorders handle like larger, heavier systems, but without the requisite backache. Wide, flexible handles allow one hand to smoothly and efficiently support the camera while the other hand is free to manipulate the zoom, focus, and iris controls. The handles can also be twisted in opposite directions or to one side for use as a shoulder or chest mount. Designed for use on any camcorder utilizing a 1/4"-20 tripod mount and guide pin socket, the EgripZ brings a simple, affordable level of comfort and smoothness to handheld shooting.

Note! Most DSLRs, which do not contain a guide pin socket, will not mount properly on the current version of the EgripZ.

Mounting1/4"-20 Screw with Guide Pin
Weight12.2 oz (346g)