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VZZGRIG Zero Gravity Rig

With adjustment, flexibility, and fluid movement come more machine work and cost. Never before has there been a camera support that offers a problem-solving ergonomic design allowing so much adjustment that it will feel personally tailored to your body.

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The Varizoom VZ-ZGRIG is a shoulder support stabilizer system for camera packages up to 15 lbs. It offers a range of adjustments for compatibility with video camera to DSLR applications.


ZG Rig Adjustments:

  • Left or Right Shoulder
  • High or Low Angle
  • Stand Alone DSLR Applications
  • Tilt Mechanism
  • Counterweight
  • Vertical Position


Shock Pod

A shock pod is featured to absorb body and camera movement for stable shooting.

The VariZoom ZG Rig incorporates our new patent-pending design with our proven shock-absorbing system for unmatched quality, control, and comfort. This unit can be yours for less than the cost of static supports with limited mobility and ergonomics.

ArmSuspension Pod
ConstructionAluminum and Steel
Head Assembly/Top StageQuick Release Assembly
Load Capacity 15 lbs 6.8kg
Post Suspension Pod
Quick ReleaseYes
Weight6.7 lbs 3kg