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VZ1SHOOTER Shoulder Brace

Our most affordable shoulder brace provides a stable shooting platform for small-to-medium cameras. Aluminum construction and multi-point adjustment make it rugged, lightweight and comfortable to use.

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The VZ-1Shooter is the most affordable and effective camera support eliminating fatigue of your arm caused while holding the camera and support system. It provides adjustable fittings for an endless variety of shooting configurations. The special aluminum alloy allows you to bend the support into the desired position. Customize it with a lens controller for getting the best looking video with comfortable hand-held shooting.

  • Designed specifically for the popular "prosumer" camcorders, which are smaller than traditional shoulder-mount cameras, including the Sony DCR-VX2000, DCR-TRV950, DSR-PD150 and Canon's GL1 & GL2.
  • Insures a stable-shooting platform by resting easily on your shoulder, keeping most of the weight of the camera off your arm. The 1Shooter simply adjusts to fit your body.
  • Attaches to your camera's tripod mounting receiver with the included knurled screw.
  • Adjustable to fit anyone and any situation.
  • Non-slip locking clutch and foam grip handle.
  • Built-in twin-pod for stability when sat down.