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CBA-AF100 Camera Body Armor For Panasonic AG-AF100View full size

CBA-AF100 Camera Body Armor For Panasonic AG-AF100

CBA-AF100 Camera Body Armor For Panasonic AG-AF100

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The Camera BodyArmor For Panasonic AG-AF100 from Porta Brace provides custom protection for your AG-AF100 at all times. The waterproof exterior and view window provide full access to all camera controls so you can continue shooting regardless of weather conditions. For additional protection, the built-in rain top protects the camera from rain and snow while the padded lining protects the camera against impact.

  • Non-abrasive, durable material
  • Odor-resistant material
  • Custom-fit, full access to controls
  • Built-in rain top
  • Padding helps camera absorb shock from bumps
Weight1.0 lb (453.6 g)