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The QuickJib is our new low-cost, high-performance jib for cameras up to 30lbs. Easy to assemble in two different lengths, this compact and portable unit is ideal for indoor, outdoor, and studio applications at any budget.

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VariZoom's New QuickJib is unique in its perfect balance of quality and economy in a well thought-out design. This is the answer for those who love all of the options of the SnapCrane, but simply can't spend the money at this time. The Quick Jib gives you many of the features of the Snap Crane at a more affordable price. With the Quick Jib you get an economical, but secure captive clamp system for extending the jib, along with lanyard-attached stainless aircraft pins for quick assembly. The QuickJib is a professional, tool-free jib arm that assembles rapidly and safely. The QuickJib, like all of our products, was designed for years of trouble-free, reliable operation in the field. Please scroll down and see why the Quick Jib has already set the standard for high performance economy jibs.With attention to every detail, we have created a tool that will last generations with proper care.

Starting with the simplest package (jib only) up to our complete system (recommended), which includes dolly and tripod legs, you will see that we consider safety to be the highest priority.

Jib Arm - The QuickJib selectively uses industrial powder coating and anodizing for optimal component performance, with stainless steel fasteners throughout (as opposed to lesser, cheaper zinc-plated fasteners). The slim QuickJib outperforms the competition by having 50% less air resistance in breezy conditions than jibs utilizing a four-arm support system (never use in high-wind conditions).

Additionally, our quick extension kit attaches in minutes with absolutely no tools, as opposed to more cumbersome systems that require multiple tools and bolts to attach their extensions. The extension kit mates to the standard QuickJib with our Captive Clamp Joint system, which uses two ergonomic, high-torque hand knobs to compress the captive clamps, assuring the joint is rock solid.

ConstructionAnodized Aluminum
Counter Balance SystemStandard barbell weights (not included)
Fold Down56" (142cm)
Height Range5' - 10'2" (1.52 - 3.1m)
Leveling IndicatorsBuilt-in Spirit Level
Pan LockYes
Payload Capacity50 lbs (22.7kg)
Spring Loaded CounterbalanceNo
Tilt DragNo
Tilt LockYes
Weight26.7 lbs (12.1kg)