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VZSTINGER II Stinger2 Support System

Stinger2 - This is basically the StingRay without the Riglit shock-absorbing body mount. Ideal for quick shooting with constant changes. You can always add the shock-absorbing mount later for extra support on extended shoots.

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The VariZoom Stinger2 is a modular support system for video DSLR or compact HD video cameras. It's based on 8 in (20.3 cm) standard 15mm rods and comprises a camera plate with quick release, a shoulder pad, a pair of handgrips that are independently adjustable, and a rear-mounted pistol grip.

The camera plate mounts the camera, including a quick-release element, and accepts the aluminum 15mm rods. The plate is adjustable both vertically and horizontally.

Derived from VariZoom's award-winning ZeroGravity Rig, the shoulder arch brings unparalleled comfort, stability, and balance to the Stinger2 rig. This padded arch support includes a counterbalance system that adjusts to balance any setup for effortless operation.

The handgrips can be adjusted independently for length and angle. During shooting, the handles add stability and comfort for smoother video, and they also serve as a "kickstand" for keeping the system stable and upright when it is set down with the camera mounted.

Crafted of solid aluminum and steel, the pistol grip will last a lifetime. It clamps to the dual 15mm rods to provide rigid support for a wide array of shooting styles. The joint articulates horizontally to a position perpendicular to the rig, again enabling "kickstand mode" for setting down the system on level surfaces.

And of course the system is modular, so it's a breeze to add extra components such as longer rods, a matte box, or a shock-absorbing body mount to the Stinger2.