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DP121-126L DVCPRO 126-Minute Video Cassette (Large)View full size

DP121-126L DVCPRO 126-Minute Video Cassette (Large)

Fujifilm’s DP121 incorporates Fujifilm’s proprietary ATOMM-II technology, which enables increased output and reduced noise. Fujifilm’s DP121 combines the benefits of 5:1 compression ratio DVCPRO digital component recording with the reliability and durability associated with metal-coated media.

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  • Ultra-fine, high-energy metal magnetic particles
  • High-molecular binder improves magnetic layer durability
  • Superior transport stability
  • Excellent long-term storage characteristics


A new generation of digital video excellence

Featuring a tape which is only 6.35mm wide, Fujifilm DVCPRO videocassettes maximize the performance advantages of component digital recording, and deliver outstanding image quality from the world's most compact broadcast-use video format. Based on Fujifilm's proprietary *ATOMM-II technology, they represent the dawn of a new age in digital video excellence.

Ultra-Fine High-Energy Metal Magnetic Particles Designed Specifically for DVCPRO Recording

Newly developed ultra-fine, high-energy metal magnetic particles offer significantly higher metal energy levels, with retentivity of 370mT and coercivity of 183KA/m. These superior performance characteristics allow high-density digital recording and playback with a tape that is only 6.35mm wide.

Superior Transport Stability, Durability and Storage Characteristics

A high-molecular binder material improves magnetic layer durability, and lubricants in the upper and lower layers enable the tape to withstand a wide range of operating conditions. In addition, a special backcoating keeps the friction coefficient consistently low. As a result, head wear is minimal, and tape transport stability, durability, and long-term storage characteristics are excellent.

Easy-to-Handle, High-Precision, High-Rigidity Cassette Shells

Tightly sealed high-precision, high-rigidity cassette shells prevent tape deformation and damage, promote stable tape transport, and shut out dust and dirt to help ensure a low error rate. They also feature large clear windows that allow the amount of remaining tape to be confirmed at a glance, and colored lids and transparent hard cases that make it easy to differentiate DP121 and DP1001 cassettes from one other.

ATOMM-II technology

ATOMM is an acronym for Advanced Super Thin Layer and High Output Metal Media technology (hereinafter referred to as ATOMM technology and ATOMM-II technology).

Yield Strength More than 5 N
Weight130 g (0.286 lbs.)
Video RF Output 0 dB
Video C/N 0 dB
Total Thickness8.5 µm
Tape Width 6.35 mm
Tape Length259 +2m -0m (850 ft.)
Retentivity (Br) 370 mT
Maximum Recording TimeDVCPRO 126 min. DVCPRO50 63 min.
Coercivity (Hc) 183 kA/m
Cassette Shell Dimensions125 x 78 x 14.6 mm
Case Dimensions134.5 x 85.5 x 20 mm
Breaking Tensile Strength More than 10 N
Audio Sensitivity 0 dB