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LR-3BGLCC Carrying Case for Camera and Glidecam HD2000/HD4000

The Glidecam Camera Case is a 1000-deiner Cordura® case designed to hold a camera and Glidecam. A padded interior divider kit, foam stabilizer blocks and a Camera Cradle, secure the equipment in place during transport. Two large exterior pockets hold accessories. A comfortable, heavy-duty suede shoulder strap is included. The protective zipper facing helps keep the compartment clean and dry

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The Porta Brace Carrying Case for Camera and Glidecam HD2000/HD4000 is a 1000-denier Cordura case crafted to house a camera and Glidecam stabilization unit, along with counterweights. It comes with foam stabilizer blocks and a padded interior divider kit.

With a Camera Cradle, the carrying case protects your camera during transport. Additionally, the case is equipped with 2 large exterior pockets to hold accessories, a heavy-duty suede shoulder strap, and a protective zipper facing that keeps the compartment clean and dry.

Note! Does not fit a support arm/vest system.

  • Made from abrasion-resistant 1000-deiner Cordura
  • Has room for a camera and Glidecam HD2000 or HD4000 and counterweights
  • Foam stabilizer blocks
  • Padded interior divider kit
  • Camera Cradle - protects your camera during transport
  • 2 large exterior pockets - for holding accessories
  • Heavy-duty suede shoulder strap
  • Protective zipper facing - keeps the compartment clean and dry