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PB-2750ICH Backpack - Hard Case Interior System (Blue Shell/Black Backpack)

The Porta Brace PB-2750ICH hard cases are watertight, have a pressure relief valve, easy to operate latches, and a comfortable hand grip. They are constructed with a high-performance hard-resin material reinforced at the corners. Portabrace Hard Cases are ideal for video, audio, and photographic equipment transportation and protection.

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The black/blue Backpack - Hard Case Interior System from Porta Brace just might be your ultimate shipping solution. This combination kit includes a hard shelled exterior shipping case with a rigid framed backpack inside. When you arrive at your destination, just unpack the backpack and carry it as either a shoulder bag using the included shoulder strap or as a standard backpack using the included comfortable harness system. There is an additional chest strap that will help stabilize the pack while walking.
The backpack itself comes with a myriad of storage features including a laptop pouch as well as smaller pouches and stuff sacks for various support equipment. The laptop pouch can be carried on its own backpack style while the rest of the case is shipped. Or, when you arrive at your destination, just attach the laptop pouch to the rest of the pack and your hands-free to walk. The interior of the pack is customizable using the included dividers so your gear will always have its own nest in any configuration you choose. This will enable you to store your gear in shooting position with lens attached - ready to go.

The hard shell exterior is made to take a beating and is built to Porta Brace's usual high-standards. It's carried by its rigid carry handle or attach it to your luggage cart for easy navigation through airports and parking lots. The sturdy latches keep it shut until you snap them open to extract your backpack.

As an added feature, the setup comes with Porta Brace's Interior Illumination System that will help you locate small gear when you open the pack in low light. For a complete traveling system, this combination is hard to beat. It permits you to ship or carry your gear as you see fit as well as helping you organize or just safely store your gear while you wait for your next assignment.

  • Hard case shell for shipping
  • Removable backpack or over-the-shoulder camera case
  • Ultra-comfortable backpack straps
  • Padded laptop pouch


  • Arri Alexa
  • JVC DV300
  • Canon XF300, XF305, XH-A1, XH-A1s, XH-G1
  • Panasonic AG-AF100 , AG-DVC30 , AG-DVC80 , AG-DVC80H, AG-DVX100 , AG-DVX100A, AG-DVX100B , AG-DVX100P , AG-DVX102B , AG-DVX202 , AG-HMC150 , AG-HMC40 , AG-HPX170 , AG-HPX171 , AG-HVX200 , AG-HVX200A, BT-LH1700W , BT-LH1760W

Carry-On Form Factor

FAA and airline carry-on specifications are subject to change without notice, please check with your airline before designating this case as a carry-on item. Most airlines require carry-on items to have an external linear measurement that is equal to or less than 45.0" (114.3 cm). The external dimensions of this case add up to 57.5"(146.1 cm)

Carrying/Transport OptionsOuter shell: Rigid carry handle Interior Camera Case: Backpack harness system/Shoulder strap
Exterior Dimensions24.5 x 11.0 x 22.0" (62.2 x 27.9 x 55.9 cm)
Interior Dimensions17.0 x 8.0 x 14.0" (43.2 x 20.3 x 35.6 cm)
MaterialBallistic nylon
Type of ClosureOuter shell: Latches Interior Camera Case: Zipper
Weight29.0 lb (13.2 kg)