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VZMT-SPRINGPOD-2 Dual-Stage SpringView full size

VZMT-SPRINGPOD-2 Dual-Stage Spring

Heavy Duty Dual Stage Spring for MediaRig, Traveler StingRay and ZGRig

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The VariZoom VZMT SpringPod-2 Dual-Stage Spring is a spring support for the VariZoom MediaRig, StingRay and ZGRig shoulder support products. It attaches onto one of these and allows the camera operator's body to move without the motion ruining the stability of the camera attached to the rig. It minimizes such effect by absorbing the shock of motion.

The SpringPod-2 contains two springs, one atop the other. The one on the bottom is the stronger of the two, and the one on top is smaller and softer. Two knobs control both, correspondingly. By being loosened or tightened, each knob makes its corresponding spring active or inactive. Both or only one could be made active to absorb shock. Thus the SpringPod-2 is a dual-stage shock absorber.

When both springs are active, the SpringPod-2 extends to 24" in length and provides a max spring support of one foot -- the shoulder rig can be moved up and down within a distance of one foot. When the lower spring is compressed in and made inactive by the tightening of its knob, and at the same time the upper spring is active, the SpringPod-2 provides 3-4" of spring support, ideal for most uses.

A total weight of 11 lbs is supported. The bottom spring supports 7 lbs and the top one 4. After 11 lbs, the SpringPod-2 loses its "springiness."

When both springs are totally compressed in and their knobs are tightened, the SpringPod-2 contracts down to 14" for convenient carrying around when not in use.

As for being attached, the SpringPod-2 slips right into the shoulder support rig; no tightening is necessary; it's designed to hold tight and not fall out. And its other end slides into a waist belt like something would slide into a shirt-pocket.

  • Support spring for VariZoom MediaRig, StingRay and ZGRig shoulder support products. Allows camera operator's body to move without the motion affecting camera's stability.
  • Dual-stage shock absorber -- 2 springs inside, and two corresponding knobs that control the springs and spring range.
  • A max spring support of one foot, and a support of 3-4" when only the top spring is active.
  • Total weight of 11 lbs supported.
  • Slips right into rig; no tightening necessary; designed to hold tight and not fall out.
  • 24" totally extended; 14" compressed for non-use. Weighs 14 oz.
Closed Length 14" (35.5cm)
Distance SupportTop Spring Only- 3-4" (7.5 - 10cm) Both Springs- 1' (30cm)
Full Length 24" (61cm)
Weight14 oz (.4kg)
Weight Supported11 lbs (5kg) -- Top Spring- 4 lbs (1.8kg) Bottom Spring- 7 lbs (3.2kg)