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HD331-34L HDCAM Videocassette-Large

Since its introduction to the market, Fujifilm HD331 has earned a reputation as a solid performer. Featuring the consistency and reliability that has become Fujifilm’s hallmark, HD331 is the ideal solution for the camera operator looking for the ultimate in HDCAM-format performance.

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  • Stable tape transport and high durability
  • Proprietary Super Calendering technology
  • Archival quality storage characteristics
  • Dust-resistant cassettes and hard cases


Leading-edge technology for outstanding HD broadcast quality

Fujifilm HD331 videocassettes offer the high output and low noise that high-quality HDTV broadcasting demands. High C/N and a low error rate are assured by newly developed ultrafine metal magnetic particles and a magnetic layer polished to mirror-like smoothness by our Super Calendering technology. Thanks to a strong new binder material and long-lasting lubricant, tape transport stability and durability are also superb.

Newly Developed Magnetic Particles and Proprietary Super Calendering Technology for High C/N and a Low Error Rate

Newly developed ultrafine high-output metal magnetic particles are densely and evenly packed to achieve both high output and low noise. As a result, high C/N characteristics are offered at all wavelengths. In addition, our proprietary Super Calendering technology gives the magnetic layer a super-smooth surface that ensures stable head contact for a high C/N ratio and low error rate even for the short-wavelength digital recording demanded by HDCAM systems.

Stable Tape Transport and High Durability Even Under the Extreme Demands of ENG/EFP

A newly developed binder with strong adhesion characteristics and an optimized lubricant help keep heads clean, preventing dropouts and the error rate from increasing. Even during the repeated still and high-speed shuttle operations of editing, or under the extreme demands of ENG/EFP fieldwork, stable tape transport and high reliability are assured.



New Reel Offers Superior Winding Characteristics

New reel design assures that air is evenly expelled from the reel during high-speed shuttle operation to prevent air from being 'wound in' to the tape. As a result, tape is more evenly wound onto the reel, and protection against damage caused by dropping or impact is significantly improved.

Superior Storage Characteristics Keep Image Archives Safe During Long-Term Storage

An extremely thin and uniform layer of special anti-oxidant material is applied to the surface of each metal magnetic particle. This prevents magnetic performance from deteriorating during long-term storage and ensures that the C/N ratio remains high. In addition, proprietary Fujifilm technologies are used to keep tape shrinkage to an absolute minimum during archival storage. As a result, mistracking caused by track pattern dimension change is prevented, and consistently superior playback performance is ensured even after long-term storage.

Yield Strength 40 N
Weight640 g (1.41 lbs.)
Video RF Output 0 dB
Video C/N 0 dB
Total Thickness14 µm
Tape Length206 +2m -0m (676ft.)
Retentivity (Br) 300 mT
Residual Elongation 0.04%
Maximum Recording Time34min.
Magnetic Layer Thickness3 µm
Coercivity (Hc) 131 kA/m
Cassette Shell Dimensions254 x 145 x 25 mm
Case Dimensions272 x 162 x 33 mm