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VZCINEMAPRO-K4 CinemaPro "Talon" Master Motion Control System Kit

Kit includes CP Head, Jibstick Controller, 50' Control Cable, 30' Pwr Cbl, Power Supply & Case The Cinema Pro is precision-made yet rugged and becoming the logical and affordable choice for a much broader scope of users than any head on the market.

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The Cinema Pro represents the culmination of design and manufacturing efforts from Academy Award winning motion picture engineers with unsurpassed experience. It has been chosen by DPs and producers around the world for its smoothness, stability, and versatile feature set. Capable of imperceptibly slow or lightning fast moves, this highly sophisticated yet simple-to-operate system outperforms the competition at a fraction of the price and works with a huge range of film and video cameras. Available with a wide range of options for camera & lens control, mounting hardware, and even wireless, the Cinema Pro is the ultimate in affordable motion picture heads, with superb mechanical stability and frame-accurate, recordable 5-channel control for absolutely precise repeatable motion control sequences.

  • Joystick control for Pan/Tilt/Zoom, separate Knob for Focus
  • Dial-control speed
  • Dial-control smoothing
  • 2500' max std extension, longer w/ fiber optic option
  • Wireless Option available
  • Fuji/Canon/Preston serial & analog lens control
  • Extremely rigid for smooth motion @ telephoto
  • Full slip rings for continuous 360 deg motion
Dimensions (WxHxD)12 x 19.5 x 6" (30.5 x 49.5 x 15.2cm)
Load Capacity 50 lbs (22.7kg)
Pan Range360°
Pan Speed210°/s
Tilt Range360°
Tilt Speed210°/s
Weight21 lbs (9.5kg)