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POL-2 Polar Bear Heated Camcorder Case


Thickly padded with insulation; lined with Mylar fabric to reflect heat back into the camera and air activated heat packs keep battery, recorder, lens and hands warm. Improved access to the lens (even when reaching OVER the camera); easier fit on tripods, fewer zippers, grip material around lens, suede leather handles make it comfortable to carry.

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The POL-2 Polar Bear case is designed to keep Professional/Broadscast camcorders warm in cold temperatures. It has a black nylon fabric exterior and is thickly padded and constructed of high loft insulation.
The interior is lined with Mylar fabric to reflect heat back into the camera chamber. Air activated warmers placed inside the case to maintain interior temperatures to keep battery, recorder, lens and hands warm. The case has been tested at minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Two hand openings at the lens are enclosed with fleece cuffs for warm access.
Suede leather handles make it comfortable to carry. The attached insulated lens cover protects the lens in transport. It also prevents condensation from forming when bringing the Polar Bear case in from the cold. The cover stores conveniently inside pocket when shooting. A White Balance Card and 4 Polar Heat Paks are included.

  • Thickly padded and constructed of high loft insulation. 
  • Interior is lined with Silver Mylar Fabric to reflect heat back to the camera. Successfully tested at -500F (-100C) 
  • Touch Fastener strips line the interior of the Polar Bear for arranging optional air activated hand-warmers. They can be placed in pouches and stuck to areas near the battery to extend operating time. Heaters can also be positioned to keep lens and recorder section warm. 
  • Two-hand openings at the lens and 1 by the viewfinder are enclosed with cotton cuffs that keep hands warm and the cold out. 
  • Three sets of zippers for easy access to controls
  • The snug bottom zipper pulls around tripod plate to allow tripod use
  • Accepts microphones through the top zipper opposite the viewfinder
  • Suede leather handles and a non-slip suede shoulder strips make it comfortable to carry
  • A small lens cover is supplied with the Polar Bear to protect and keep camera insulated during transportation. The cover is stored in the front pocket. 
  • Rings are attached to the case to carry an HB-10/10P, HB-15/15P or HB-40 Shoulder Strap
  • The Polar Bear case can be placed inside of a Quick-Draw or Carry-On Camera case
  • White Balance Card and 4 Polar Heat Paks are provided with the Polar Bear Case

Compatible with:

  • Ikegami HL-V79W, HL- DV5, HDL-V90
  • JVC KY-29 with BR-DV10U
  • Panasonic AJ-HDC27F, AJ-D910, SDC915, SDX900, WV-F700
  • Philips/BTS LDK-150
  • Sony, BVW D-600, DNW 9, DSR-135P, DVW- 790WS, HDW-900, MPEG-50, MSW-900P, PDW-53, UVW-100
AccommodatesLarge broadcast cameras with all major accessories
Carrying/Transport OptionsSuede leather carry handles Optional shoulder strap
DesignCamcorder case designed to keep camera warm Large pocket for storage
Material1000 denier Cordura fabric
Type of Closure3 sets of zippers