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VF-HDC950W Studio VF Cover (Black)

The STUDIO VIEW FINDER COVERS are add-on components to the RS-55TX rain covers for studio configured cameras; ENG/EFP lenses (8"-12" long 20 cm-30cm ) with TRIAX adapters

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The black VF-HDC950W Studio VF Cover from Porta Brace is an add-on for Porta Brace rain covers for studio configured cameras and ENG/EFP lenses that are 8 - 12" (20 - 30 cm) long with TRIAX adapters. This cover provides excellent protection from rain, dust and cold. It can also be used in conjunction with Porta Brace's Shoulder Case, Storm Coat and Camera Body Armor. The exterior protects from rough elements while the interior is soft and gentle on the delicate surface of your gear.
Porta Brace products are proudly made in the USA. They are a company widely recognized for their superior quality when it comes to the manufacturing of protective gear for photo, audio and video gear.


  • Sony HDVF-C950W
  • Fits ENG/EFP lenses 8 - 12"(20 - 30 cm) long with TRIAX adapters (no recorders attached) 
  • Also used with Porta Brace CUSTOM RS-5TX45,55,70X - sometimes used with the Shoulder Case, Storm Coat and Camera Body Armor
Material3-ply Nylon, Fabuthane, soft tricot-backed material
Type of ClosureZipper
Weight0.3 lb (0.14 kg)