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D2HBMVP550-2 Multi-Purpose CameraView full size

D2HBMVP550-2 Multi-Purpose Camera

Outdoor camera system

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The HE50S's integrated pan/tilt/zoom mechanism can be operated remotely by Panasonic AW series controllers, computers, or control systems from third-party manufacturers, all via IP control. A full 1920 x 1080 CMOS sensor and 18x optical zoom lens deliver HD or SD imagery in a variety of resolutions, achieving exceptionally natural results due to Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS), Hybrid Noise Reduction, and the Flesh Tone function. If desired, the video can be monitored locally via the camera's composite or component outputs.

The AW-HE50S is fast, precise, accurate, and offers a variety of other powerful features, such as electronic shutter, 7-step chroma level adjustment, 3-step gamma correction, and tally light. The camera pans across a ±175° range and tilts from +90 to -30°. With its Dotworkz COOLDOME Active Air Conditioning enclosure, the HE50S camera enjoys armor against the elements. The camera housing will not corrode, rust, or leak.

The custom Dotworkz D2 enclosure is a COOLDOME (CD-12VDC) unit, with active air conditioning enabled by a 12V DC power supply. The enclosure offers excellent protection against the hazards of outdoor camera use: environmental mayhem and vandalism.