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SBT-ES-LE-AF Enterprise Server

Streambox Enterprise Server (ES) is a modular multifunctioning central backend server designed for Broadcasters, Government/Military, and other video-centric enterprises to manage, route, and share high volumes of live video content over LAN & WAN.

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Streambox Enterprise Server is a centralized secure server designed for broadcasters and other video-centric organizations to manage the acquisition of substantial amounts of live and file-based video content at a low cost.

The all-in-one software-based product's key features include: Interrupted Feedback Broadcast (IFB) communication, confidence monitoring, secure video sharing, and automated streaming, routing, grouping, and archiving based on metadata. The Enterprise Server enables users to shorten and streamline workflows to acquire, manage, and play out live and file-based video with the built-in multi-functioning capabilities of the backend video management solution.

Designed to operate seamlessly with the industry- leading Streambox platform of HD and SD broadcast quality Encoders and Decoders, the Enterprise Server is also compatible with the cloud-based Streambox Live Service.



  • Video Routing and Sharing
  • Centralized server for complete live and filebased video acquisition management.
  • Automated streaming, routing, grouping, and archiving based on metadata.
  • Secure video sharing — server-to-server file forwarding or email protected links to files.
  • Route and manage multiple incoming live streams.
  • Encoder/Decoder management and scheduling.
  • Control user access through multiple account types and permission levels.
  • Single IP address with automated port allocation.


  • Store and Forward Video Acquisition
  • Browser-based file upload tool.
  • Integrated file transcoding.
  • File playback through Streambox Media Station.


  • Advanced Administration Tools
  • Advanced administration tools to create reports on account usage within a group.


  • IFB Server
  • Equipped with Interrupted Feedback Broadcast (IFB).