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VZNAVIGATOR Navigator Universal Heavy Duty Arm

The Navigator is the professional, heavy-duty vest/arm upgrade for FlowPod and Glidecam ™ handheld units. It will handle the full weight range of either unit effortlessly.

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The ultimate vest/arm upgrade for FlowPod and Glidecam handheld stabilizers, the Navigator borrows heavily from our GT professional stabilizer system, utilizing the same vest and arm. Handheld stabilizers allow shooters to get beautiful, fluid images at a budget price, but they can cause arm and wrist fatigue when used for extended periods of time. The Navigator completely eliminates the stress and lets you concentrate on your shooting instead of your discomfort.

  • Heavy-duty single dynamic arm easily handles 10 pound cameras for the Glidecam 4000
  • New form-fitting, torso gripping vest is lightweight and cool
  • System is fully equipped to work with either FlowPod or Glidecam units
  • Can be used with GT sled for later upgrade to full professional system
Arm4.3 lbs
ConstructionPrimarily aluminum with stainless steel components
Load Capacity 10 lb (4.5 kg)
Vest5 lbs
Warranty3 years parts and labor
Weight9.3 lb (4.2 kg)