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VZ-CINETRACMASTER Complete Dolly Kit with Fluid Head Tripod

Varizoom CinetracMaster-A dolly, track and tripod setup with fluid head, for any professional videographer that allows for smooth dolly shots in a variety of situations where traditional track setups would be cumbersome. The system comes complete with the FH100 fluid head, TC-100A (100mm Bowl), our CineTrac Dolly and 22' flexible track.

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The Varizoom VZ-CINETRAC System is a dolly, track and tripod system with a carry bag. This system allows the user to have a complete dolly track set-up in a portable package.


The Varizoom VZ-CINETRAC is a dolly designed to work with VZ-TRACK rubber tube track. This dolly offers variable length platform legs, swiveling casters and great maneuverability for set-ups containing cranes, jibs and large cameras with teleprompters.

FH100 fluid head

VZFH100 Fluid Head (100mm) is a lightweight (5.9 lb), compact professional fluid head that's compatible with any standard 100mm bowl-mount tripod. It has knobs designed in different shapes so you can immediately tell without looking if you're adjusting the tilt drag or the counterbalance, just by the shape of the knob. 

Tripod Legs

The Varizoom VZ-TC100A is aluminum tripod legs for users working with a 100mm ball fluid head. This one-stage aluminum tripod works with up to a a mid-sized camera crane or jib.


The Varizoom VZ-TRACK is 45' of rubber track for dolly applications. This track material is optimized for the VZ-Cinetrac dolly system and will offer 22' of dolly roll when set up.

Carry Case

The TC-100A is a carry case for the complete system.

Dolly Weight34.2 Lbs.
Track Diameter1 1/2"
Track Durometer (Hardness of Track)70
Track Operating Width Max./Min34" / 22.5"
Track Weight50 Lbs.
Tripod Bowl Size100mm
Tripod Folded Height36 1/2"
Tripod Max Camera Weight30 Lbs.
Tripod Max./Min. Height58 1/2" / 30"
Tripod Weight18.5 Lbs.
Warranty1 years parts/labor