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PD711DL XDCAM/XDCAM HD Professional DiscView full size

PD711DL XDCAM/XDCAM HD Professional Disc

Fujifilm PD711DL 50GB Professional Discs are designed to work with all dual-layer compatible XDCAM hardware. Featuring excellent data integrity and archival capabilities, the PD711DL is the ideal solution for broadcasters and video professionals whose work requires higher capacity recording on a single disc.

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  • Outstanding Durability
  • Precision designed and engineered cartridges
  • Anti-static coating on shutter and bottom half of cartridge
  • Bright red cartridge for easy identification
  • Capacity: 50.0GB


High compatibility and durability for professional XDCAM recording

As the developer of Japan's first broadcast-use video tape in 1959, Fujifilm has long been a leader in the production of high-performance, high-reliability recording media for the broadcast industry. We've continued to innovate ever since, and in 1990 we received an Emmy Engineering Award for the significant contribution our advanced metal tape technology has made to the broadcast industry. In 2007, we introduced Fujifilm PD711 Professional Discs single layer (23GB) and they have been well-accepted in the broadcast industry. Now, have introduced the Fujifilm PD711 dual layer disc(50GB), to meet the need for higher capacity.

High compatibility and durability for professional XDCAM recording

Outstanding Durability Under Heavy Professional Use

High-quality materials and advanced production technologies assure outstanding disc durability and rewriting stability, with ultra-low error rates even after 1,000 overwrites. User-friendly Pre-formatted Disc

Characteristics for FUJIFILM Professional Dual Layer DiscAs the disc is pre-formatted, recording can begin immediately. Therefore, the Fujifilm PD711 will help users save time and decrease the risk of missing important shots while waiting for their disc to format.

Characteristics for FUJIFILM Professional Dual Layer Disc

By adopting recording layer which is appropriate for high density recording and dual recording layers structure on one side, FUJIFILM has realized 50GB recording capacity. At the same time, FUJIFILM has realized low error rate and ultra wide power margin at both layers with Super Advanced Rapid Cooling Structure.. Recording Power margin

Precision-Engineered Cartridges

In materials and construction, Fujifilm PD711 cartridges are engineered to the highest standard of precision, and the shutter and bottom half of the cartridge shell are treated with an anti-static coating to protect discs from dust and other airborne contaminants.Structure of PD711

Superior Long-Term Storage Characteristics

In accelerated aging tests, Fujifilm PD711 Professional Discs have demonstrated excellent data integrity and a potential archival storage life of over 50 years.

Recording Time:

 50GB (Dual Layer)
HDMPEG HDApprox. 145min. (HQ mode)
Approx. 190min. (SP mode)
Approx. 145min. (HQ mode)
MPEG HD 422Approx. 95min. (50 Mbps)
SDMPEG IMXApprox. 100min.(50 Mbps)
DVCAMApprox. 185min.(25 Mbps)
Track Pitch 0.32µm
Storage Temperature-10 to 55°C , 3 to 90% RH
Recording Wavelength405nm(Blue-Violet Laser)
Recording MethodPhase Change Recording
Raw Byte Error Rate0.0002
Operating Temperature -5 to 55°C , 3 to 90% RH
No. of Read Over 1,000,000 times
Estimated Shelf Life 50 years or more
Estimated Archival Life 50 years or more
Erase / Write Read Cycles Over 1,000 times
Disk TypeRewritable
Disc Thickness 1.2mm
Disc Diameter 120mm
Dimensions (WxHxD)128.6mm x 130.6mm x 9.1mm
Data Transfer Rate86 Mbps with 1 Optical Head, 172 Mbps with 2 Optical Head
Cover Layer Thickness 0.1mm