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Y12×6A-SE2 12x Zoom Video LensView full size

Y12×6A-SE2 12x Zoom Video Lens

Fujinon Y12×6A-SE2 12x Zoom Video Lens - 12x Zoom Video Lens with CS-type Lens Mount, DC Auto Iris, ND Filter and Zoom/Focus Pot Feedback Signal for Custom Security Systems

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The Fujinon Y12x6A-SE2 is a high quality zoom lens for industrial video cameras used in security and surveillance applications. This lens has a 12x zoom that provides both narrow and wide angle views in a single unit. It can be mounted on any CS mount camera with 1/3-inch or 1/4-inch imager systems. The built-in ND filter allows the lens to have greater utility in very bright light environments. This is a special featured model for integrators building entire security systems with custom control parameters. It has the S-type potentiometer (pot) to generate a specific voltage feedback signal for the zoom and focus functions.

CS- Lens Mount

The Y12x6A-SE2 is a CS-mount lens that can be mounted on any 1/4 or 1/3 inch CCD camera system. The auto iris function of the lens accepts power from the camera through the iris control cable which is included.

Variable Focal Lengths

This lens is applicable to any CS-mount camera with either 1/3-inch or 1/4-inch imagers. On 1/3-inch CCD (or CMOS chip) camera the Y12X6A-SE2 will capture a 44° wide angle (6 mm) and approximately 4° full zoom horizontal (72 mm) angle views. On 1/3-inch imager cameras the wide angle view is 33° and full zoom produces 2.7° horizontal view angles.

Built In Neutral Density Filter

ND filters are used throughout photography, video and motion picture production to uniformly cut the amount of light hitting the film or the imaging chip without changing the color of the light. This lens has a built-in ND filter that effectively extends the aperture down to f/400. With this configuration the camera can safely peer directly into very bright lights, flames, torches or other bright objects.

Angle of View1/3-Inch 44° 1/4-Inch 33°
Aperturef/1.5 to f/400 with ND Filter Engaged
Dimensions (WxHxD)4.1 x 2.3 x 2.8 Inches 106 x 60 x 72 mm 55 mm Filter Screw
Focal Length6 mm to 72 mm (12x Zoom)
Image Size1/3-Inch CCD 1/4-Inch CCD
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.)4.3 Foot 1.3 Meters
Mount TypeC-Mount
Weight11.6 Oz 330 g