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D12×8A-YE2 POTS 1/2" CS-Mount 12x Motorized Zoom LensView full size

D12×8A-YE2 POTS 1/2" CS-Mount 12x Motorized Zoom Lens

Fujinon D12×8A-YE2 POTS 1/2" CS-Mount 12x Motorized Zoom Lens - POTS 1/2" CS-Mount 12x Motorized Zoom Lens with Presets, Auto Iris DC

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The Fujinon D12X8A-YE2 POTS CS-mount lens uses a motor drive to provide precise, individual zoom and focus motorized operation with presets and features an advanced optical system to ensure optimal performance through its entire focal range. An auto iris DC connection ensures proper exposure in areas with changing light conditions.

Motor Drive with Presets

A motor drive with presets offers precise and individual zoom and focus control.

Auto Iris DC

Iris is fully automated via an auto iris DC connection.

Angle of View1/2": 43°.36' x 33°24'/3°49' x 2°52' 1/3": 33°24' x 25°22'/2°52' x 2°09' 1/4": 25°22' x 19°09'/2°09' x 1°37'
Focal Length8-96mm (12x)
FocusMotorized with presets
Image Size1/2" (compatible with 1/3" and 1/4" cameras)
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.)1/2": 1003 x 753/84 x 63 1/3": 752 x 565/63 x 47 1/4": 564 x 424/47 x 35
Mount TypeCS
Weight0.7 lb 350 g
ZoomMotorized with presets