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H22×11.5B-Y41  2/3" 11.5-253mm C-Mount Motorized 22x Zoom LensView full size

H22×11.5B-Y41 2/3" 11.5-253mm C-Mount Motorized 22x Zoom Lens

Fujinon H22×11.5B-Y41  2/3" 11.5-253mm C-Mount Motorized 22x Zoom Lens - 2/3" 11.5-253mm C-Mount Motorized 22x Zoom Lens, Auto Iris Video, ND Filter, Potentio Meter, Metal Mount

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Engineered with a 3-motor drive system, the Fujinon H22x11.5B-Y41 high resolution C-mount lens offers a full range of motorized zoom, focus and iris operation. Quality construction, coupled with precision optics ensures corner to corner image sharpness through the entire focal spectrum with virtually no distortion, enabling the use of a single lens for a wide range of surveillance applications.

3-Motor System

A 3-motor drive system provides precise, individual control over a broad range of zoom, focus and iris operation.


Utilizes multi coated, precision optics to maintain corner-to-corner image quality over the entire focal spectrum while fully compensating for image distortion.

Video Auto Iris

Iris operation is fully automated via an auto iris Video connection.

Potentio Meter

A built-in potentio meter supports the preset-enabled specification.

ND Filter

A built-in T2000 ND filter supports super sensitive cameras.

Multiple Power Supply

Supports multiple power supplies for use with existing control systems.

Angle of View2/3": 41° 52' x 32° 01'/2 x 1° 30' 1/2": 31° 06' x 23° 34'/1° 27' x 1° 05' 1/3":23° 34' x 17° 47'/1° 05' x 0° 49'
Dimensions (WxHxD)2/3": 213 x 1660/101 x 75 1/2": 1609 x 1207/73 x 55 1/3": 1207 x 905/55 x 41
Focal Length11.5 ~ 253 (22x)
FocusMotor drive
Image Size2/3"
Mount TypeC
Weight5.0 lb 2.3 kg
ZoomMotor drive