5.6" Camera Mountable LCD Monitor with Power Supply

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Marshall Electronics 5.6" Camera Mountable LCD Monitor with Power Supply-5.6" LCD Monitor With Audio & Reverse Image

The Marshall Electronics V-LCD5.6-PRO is a full featured LCD display with a built-in speaker and reverse image capability. Small enough to mount on top of even the smallest video cameras, the comprehensive list of features give it utility in a variety of scenarios.

5.6 Inch Diagonal Display with Audio

The V-LCD5.6-PRO is small and lightweight enough to take virtually anywhere. The 5.6-inch LCD panel is of sufficient high quality to use not just for framing and confidence but for location or impromptu playback when a larger monitor is impractical or absent. The built-in speaker simply adds to its versatility. A headphone or earphone can be plugged in for private audio monitoring. A tilting table stand is built-in.

Slim Design and Light Weight

The monitor will work well with video cameras of all sizes. It weighs in at about 1 pound and is only 2 inches deep. The V-LCD5.6-PRO will work adequately with shoulder mount broadcast style cameras or even smaller cameras like the Canon LX-1.

Reverse Image Feature

When RV or bus drivers employ a video camera on the back of their rig, the V-LCD5.6-PRO can flip the image to display like a rear view mirror.

Weight 1.14 lbs.
Dimensions (WxHxD) 6.4 x 5.3 x 2.0 inches
Brightness 270 cd/m²
Picture Controls Color Contrast Brightness
Picture Elements 960 horizontal x 234 vertical dots
Power Requirements 12 Volts DC
Video System NTSC
Remote Control None
LCD Size 5.6 inch
Input and Output Connectors Composite Video- RCA (x 1 input only) Audio- RCA (x 1 input only) Headphone- Mono Mini (x 1)
Camera Mount 1/4 inch female
Application Portable, Camera Mountable
Dot Pitch 0.116mm × 0.348mm
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