Bradley RD11 Multichanel Radio Data Transceiver

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RD_11 Multi Channel Radio Data Module
  • 10 user selectable channels (8 in USA)
  • Ultra thin design
  • Easy Menu Control
  • 10mW, 25mW & 500mW output power
  • User selectable data rates and format
  • Bolt-on Function Modules
  • 868Mhz (EU) and 915Mhz (USA) versions
The new RD_11 Radio Data System from Bradley follows the success of the original RD_10. But with newer technology. It is built into uniquely functional and stylish units for effortless, error free data transmission. The units have both transmit and receive capability and can be user set to be either a transmitter, receiver or re-transmitter for individual setups.
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