Remote Camera Panel Mk3 4 cameras

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Remote Camera Panel Mk3 4 cameras

Main Controls

  • The main controls operate in the standard fashion with ‘touch-down’ on the joystick to switch the operator’s monitor to the currently selected camera.
  • The sensitivity of the joystick can be adjusted and the whole panel can be ‘locked’ to prevent inadvertent adjustments.
  • Clear LED readouts display the major settings for each camera as it is selected; Iris, Gain, Shutter, Camera No. etc.
  • ‘Touch-down’ knobs enable instant return to ‘shutter OFF’ and ‘0dB Gain’. Auto Iris is also selected with a touch down.
  • All the buttons and knobs on the panel are illuminated to a user adjustable level and each button illuminates brightly when selected.
  • The camera address range can be set to any 4 sequential cameras up to 99.
  • Tally light inputs via the built-n GPIO port, indicate above the selected camera and also each monitor switching output is indicated.

    Assignable Menu
  • The Assignable Menu sets this RCP apart from others. There are 3 instantly accessible menus, each with 3 adjustable parameters.
  • Each of these 9 parameters can be changed by the operator and put into any menu making it fully customisable to the operator preference. Again, ‘touch-down’ knobs are used for switching functions.
  • 4 Scene Files are avaiable for each camera. These manage Red, Green, Blue Gains and Pedestals.

    Connection Sockets
  • The sockets on the underside of the panel are recessed and angled to use the minmum of space uner the panel.
  • Standard XLR connectors are used for both power input and for data output.
  • Additionally, there is a Dsub GPIO connector for triggering the tally lights and also for monitor switching outputs.
  • The 4 pin Hirose enables cascading of multiple RCPs onto a single data stream using a single power supply.

    Network Connectivity
  • Using either a BRADLEY switcher or off-the-shelf RS485-to-IP converters enables communication over TCP/IP networks.
This Remote Camera Panel from BR Remote fits into a standard engineering desk with recessed connectors on the underside. It is available in 2 variants: with a standard joystick type control or with a continuous wheel control. The controller can address up to 4 cameras, of different types (Sony, Ikegami, Panasonic, Hitachi, JVC, Bradley, etc.) with up to 99 cameras on a system. Camera type selection is via the menu and internal DIP switches set which 4 cameras are to be addressed. A small ‘Protocol Converter’ is required at the camera to communicate with each individual type. Multiple RCPs can be cascaded onto the same data stream which is 9.6k baud, RS485 and can be readily sent via radio, TCP/IP networks or twisted pair cable making this a very flexible controller.
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