SWIT S-2110DS 576-LED Daylight Panel LED Light

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  • 576pcs of ultra bright LEDs
  • 40W, Max 3200Lux @ 1m distance
  • 60° beam angle 
  • 10%-100% flick-free dimming
  • 5600K daylight output, 3200K output with filter
  • Power by V-mount battery or AC-DC adaptor
  • U-shape support and lighting tripod mount

S-2110DS is a portable studio light, adopts 576 advanced LEDs of 5600K color temperature, which can last in excess of 50,000 hours and requires no spare filament bulbs. Adopted high intensity thermoplastic ABS plastic housing, only 1.9kg weight and effectively maximized heat dissipation. The metal barn doors are strong enough to protect LED bulbs.

S-2110DS feeds 3200 Lux illuminance at 1 meter distance, while consumes less than 40W power.S-2110DS provides constant 5600K color temperature by the LED itself, and can be changed to 3200K by inserting a color temperature filter.

The rear LCD touch screen can display the current dimmer value in percentage, and you can press the up/down arrows on the screen to adjust the lighting output. You can also directly revolve the knob to adjust the illuminance. The light output is non-flick during dimming. 

The S-2110DS is equipped with a V-mount camera battery plate on the rear panel, and you can mount the SONY V-mount batteries onto the light to get powered. It also provides a 4-pin XLR DC input socket, to power the light by the AC-DC adaptor.S-2110DS has a U-shape bracket, rotatable, and can be fixed on lighting tripod steadily. 

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