17" Rack Mount / Desktop Quad Viewer Monitor

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 Marshall Electronics 17" Rack Mount / Desktop Quad Viewer Monitor-Full Resolution 17" Rack Mount or Desktop Quad Viewer Monitor with IMD (In-Monitor Display)

The Marshall QV171X-HDSDI is a 17" full resolution quad-view monitor featuring 1920 x 1200 resolution. The monitor is designed to fit into any standard 19" racking system and features in-monitor display (IMD) capability. Its unique protocol feature can handle Image Video, NVISION, TSL and MEI standards. The Monitor's image quality is preserved over the gamut of HD and SD formats using a sophisticated scaling technology, preserving all signals with very little distortion. The spectrum of features and inputs make this product valuable in the most sophisticated production facilities.

Marshall's Professional Details

Marshall Electronics builds its LCDs for professional applications and convenient, user friendly operation. In addition to wide viewing angles both horizontally and vertically, Marshall uses advanced techniques to improve image quality when scaling different resolution formats.

Quad-View Support

Allows viewing of 4 inputs on the screen at once. Each input source is scaled and positioned in real-time so that all 4 inputs can be seen. DVI-I input can replace input #4 in this mode. Besides the standard Quad layout, there are 3 other layouts (including Full Screen) to choose from.

Display Information Directly On Monitor

The monitor has the ability to display UMD data directly on the monitor, making it easier to access vital information such as tally and audio levels.

Automatic NTSC or PAL Recognition

The QV171X-HDSDI accepts both NTSC and PAL standard signals. Conveniently, the monitors automatically detect which standard is being input without you having to push a button, flip a switch or access a menu option.

Convenient On-Screen Menu

Control the monitor using Marshall's easy-to-use menu system, with controls provided on the front of the panel. The new RotoMenu system makes moving through the monitor's menu system quick and easy.

Rack Mountable

The unit can be mounted using several different methods. It can easily be placed on any desktop with an optional desktop stand. For studios and smaller areas, the monitor has mounting brackets for a standard 19" racking system.


  •  Marshall's IMD monitors integrate easily with existing Tally systems and controllers. Supports Image Video, NVISION, TSL, and MEI protocols.
  • On-screen tri-color tallies (Red / Green / Amber) offer better flexibility and visibility with many different applications, specifically in multi-display and mobile applications. Each on-screen tally can be individually controlled either through RS-422 / 485 port or DB-15 connector (contact closure).
  • Tally LEDs are provided as general purpose indicators. Each LED can be individually controlled either through RS-422 / 485 port or DB-15 connector (contact closure).
  •  Video Time Code is decoded from HD-SDI auxiliary data stream and integrated on-screen for quick and easy reference.
  •  "Audio Present" indicates that embedded audio is detected from HD-SDI auxiliary data stream.
  •  "No Audio Present" indicates that embedded audio is notdetected from HD-SDI auxiliary data stream.
  •  RS-422 / 485 connection with loop-through for control communication, IMD functionality, and field-upgradeable firmware capability.
  •  Offers fast, direct, and easy menu navigation with just a single digital rotary switch.


Other Features

  •  Multiple Frame Marker Overlays with Center Mark
  •  Pixel-to-Pixel mode
  •  Blue Gun for color adjustment
  •  Adjustment Settings Memory
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