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For broadcasters, capturing high quality action at live games or events and transmitting it to viewers can be a logistical and technical challenge. One-time events can be expensive to cover with a satellite truck, and in some cases not cost-justifiable to broadcast live.

Many teams and stations already take advantage of the innovative technology Streambox offers for sports broadcasting. StreamPort Media reduces the cost of covering events by removing the satellite or microwave link, ultimately providing a less expensive and more mobile solution. With the option of adding color commentary in true HD, reporters and stringers can obtain the action from locker-room to finish-line. Plus, with the cost-efficient technology, it is easy to add multiple cameras with low-cost IP back-haul.

Additionally, the point-to-point coverage allows users to distribute live feeds between broadcast centers at low cost, linking stadiums and facilities with real-time video. Sports broadcasters are able to simulcast events between multiple locations to expand audience and revenue streams, and even send road-trip coverage of the team back to the home stadium.


Reduce the high cost covering events by removing the satellite truck. Add multiple cameras to your coverage with low-cost IP back-haul. Cover live events not previously cost-justifiable. Complement regular coverage with training events, scouting, drafts, etc.


Wireless acquisition captures the action anywhere, from locker-room to finish-line. Reporters and stringers can add color commentary in true HD. Fan-cams gather reaction from supporters via free apps.


Distribute live feeds between broadcast centers at low cost. Link stadiums and facilities with real-time video. Simulcast events between locations, expanding your audience and revenue streams. Send live road-trip coverage of the team back to the home stadium.


As video technology evolves, universities and colleges must stay competitive and relevant by adopting cutting edge solutions. StreamPort Media is revolutionizing the way universities incorporate video into their classrooms with solutions that send live and file-based broadcast quality video from lecture halls, campus events and university television stations over low bandwidth IP connections all for a low cost.

Armed with a laptop running the Software Encoder, students will be able to capture and encode live video from the field and send it over low-bandwidth IP connections. Our products can easily overcome the challenges of distance learning. By using our innovative ACT-L3 technology classrooms all over the world can have reliable live video interaction. Our cost effective encoding and decoding products makes the opportunities for distance learning with Streambox affordable and accessible to anyone.

Already adopted by major news organizations; students, faculty, and schools now have the opportunity to learn and apply this award winning technology.

"The Streambox solution helps our students gain a broader learning experience by letting them work hands-on with the kinds of systems they'll be using in the real world. By providing an affordable and easy-to-use solution for acquiring video from the field and getting it back to the studio for broadcast, Streambox is enhancing our ability to teach cutting edge news reporting. The beauty of the system is that it enables smaller news outlets to do large-scale productions and stream them to the web with the same ease as large news organizations."

Craig Hettich, manager of broadcast technology for the Columbia University Journalism School



Brik and Cube encoders offer everything needed to stream live high definition video directly to the Web. Both devices provide comprehensive protocol support for RTP, RTSP, RTMP, MPEG-TS, and HLS, which allows you to broadcast directly to your personal website, your Facebook page, or any content delivery network (CDN); e.g. Akamai, Livestream.com, or UStream.tv. You can also choose from three capable streaming interfaces including dual band 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO WiFi, Ethernet, or a 3G/4G USB modem. This versatility ensures that you are never stuck without connectivity wherever you need to go live.


Military and combat operations are constantly searching for advanced communications equipment and IP-based video technologies. In order to meet these needs, StreamPort Media offers complete end-to-end solutions for combat troops. As troops patrol enemy territory, this solution allows them to capture and stream live video directly from moving armored fighting vehicles to other moving vehicles and mobile/central command centers. Military commanders located at mobile command centers use Streambox solutions to better assess situational realities and guide decisions. Whether this is regarding the potential deployment of reinforcement troops, or perhaps a change in on-the-ground strategies and tactics, StreamPort Media always provides reliable streaming of high quality video and audio over low latency, low data rate satellite, and IP networks.

Post Production

Post production is a creative process that cannot be automated but can be streamlined by software assistance. Various production steps such as colour correction, animations, graphics, editing and audio mixing are performed. Flow PMS keeps all essences, that are part of a production, under control.

If required, it sends and retrieves files and metadata to and from the individual production systems (e.g. Avid Interplay PAM). But it also provides a so-called 'panel' for Adobe Premiere and acts as a production asset management system (PAM). Others system might not allow this. As such, our post-production solution offers freedom of choice in selecting creative tools by using MXFserver as a storage management system (SMS). In addition, MXFserver allows you to strictly separate the content of different clients when accessing it from the creative applications.

Certain productions strictly follow a well-defined production process that consists of manual creative work, automatic processing, and human interaction. Such business processes can be "implemented" within the Flow Workflow Manager. An operator collects all essences that belong to production and kicks off a production workflow job. The system will then notify the operators about work to be performed and will take over again with automatic actions once manual work has been finished. It will notify other operators about the next bit of manual work to be performed, will continuously inform supervisors about the progress and will finally ask directors for the final sign off. Notifications usually take place via email but can happen within the system as well. For user interaction, other rooms to comment, review, approve and present are available. All interaction is tracked within the system.

Video on Demand

Growing demand for more live and local coverage is presenting new challenges for today’s broadcasters. Internet-based video transport offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative for sending video used in remote workflows and news gathering to broadcast centers. We offer encoders which sends high quality, ultra low latency streams over any type of network and condition, including LTE wireless networks, public internet and satellite links affected by weather.


Broadcasting digital migration simply defined means the migration of the broadcasting services from analogue broadcasting technology to digital technologies. The primary objective of digital migration is to clear the radio frequency spectrum currently occupied by broadcasters to enable the provision of wireless mobile broadband services and other innovative applications. Therefore STBs are to be used in the transition to enable free to air broadcasting services to migrate from analogue to digital television and will not be a permanent feature in the free to air broadcasting system.


Enables users to build an archive system entirely based on LTR technology Redefine video archive workflows: the entire archiving workflow, from ingest, distribution, archiving and re-purposing, is possible using only one unit Provides simple, high cost-performance without a large-scale file server Adding an external drive makes simul-ingest, tape copying, and linking to an auto-changer possible Reduces the operation maintenance necessary for system operation For-A LTO Recorder and Archiving.