A13x4.5BEZD-T Wide Angle Broadcast Lens

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A13x4.5BEZD-T Wide Angle Broadcast Lens-Wide Power with 2x extender, built-in zoom and focus module and QuickFrame.

Super Wide ENG Style with Ratio Converter for 4:3/16:9 switchable cameras and with 2X range extender.

Wide Angles for ENG Shooting

The lens provides the performance required for a variety of professional video applications, including event videography and news gathering featuring extremely wide angles. With durability professionals have come to expect, images will always look crystal clear time after time.

Integral 2x Extender

For instant close-up shots the lens has a switch which inserts an element that doubles the focal length at any point in the zoom range. Instead of using the zoom function, the extender gives immediate close up images.

QuickZoom Technology

The lens has added capability when zooming, using the QuickZoom switch. At the touch of a button, the lens can move to full telephoto in less than a second. This provides a no-hassle way of verifying focus.

Improved Image Quality

The lens element design fitted for the internal focus mechanism greatly reduces aberrations and image distortions. These advances contribute to more balanced imaging from center to edge throughout the aperture range.

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Focal Length 4.5 - 59mm 9-118mm (2x Extender)