AJA Ki Pro Quad 4K, UltraHD, 2K, HD file based recorder/player, with ProRes 4444/422 includes: AC Adapter (AC to 4-pin XLR), monitor hood (Storage not included)

Ki Pro Quad
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Ki Pro Quad enables 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD workflows with efficient Apple ProRes capture and playback in a compact, file based recording and playback device that easily mounts directly behind a variety of cameras.

Ki Pro Quad serves as a central gathering point for the main needs of 4K production; capture efficient, edit friendly 4K Apple ProRes files with pristine image quality and output to 4K and HD monitors with real time down conversion simultaneously. Work on HD and 2K resolution projects now with full 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 quality and switch Ki Pro Quad to record 4K any time the need arises. Ki Pro Quad covers your portable recording and playback needs today and into the future.

Manageable 4K

Enables a powerful yet manageable workflow for 4K. Ki Pro Quad serves as a central gathering point for the main needs of 4K production; bring camera signals into Ki Pro Quad and then simultaneously create edit friendly 4K ProRes files, output to 4K monitors and record Raw data directly to Thunderbolt enabled computer/storage system. 4K content needs are growing. Ki Pro Quad helps ease the transition to 4K with a recorder that creates smaller file sizes while still retaining quality.

HD Now,

4K When You Need It
Supports 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 recording even at HD and 2K resolutions. Real time scaling from 4K to 2K/HD. Shoot 4K but record 2K to keep file sizes down but still have theatrical quality images to work with. HDMI output allows connection even to HD consumer monitors. Ki Pro Quad can cover your needs today and into the future.


New hardware based features, such as real time, high quality Raw debayering, recording directly to 4K resolution Apple ProRes files and real time scaling from 4K to HD. Only AJA can deliver advanced features like these in such a compact package.


Ki Pro Quad is priced substantially less than other 4K recorders but still has the power and functionality for the demands of 4K productions as well as functionality not found in recorders of ANY price.


Ki Pro Quad follows the same tried and true principles that have made the rest of the Ki Pro family successful, creating high quality, low bandwidth ProRes files up to 4K resolutions, that can be easily offloaded to a Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 enabled computer via AJA's Pak Dock SSD media reader. The resolution may be different, but the process is the same. And with the same capabilities of Ki Pro Mini for remote control, automation, ease of use and mounting options, the transition to Ki Pro Quad is virtually seamless.

Ki Protect

Ki Pro Quad includes Ki Protect, a feature that helps to ensure data integrity if a media drive is accidentally removed or loses power during recording. The Ki Protect feature automatically pre-allocates recording space on the media drive for video, audio and timecode when the record button is pressed.

While recording, the file header is then continuously updated every time new data is written. That way, the only loss that should be incurred is the last few frames that were in transit to the media drive to be recorded when the operation was interrupted. Frames that are already recorded will be preserved and are recoverable, providing greater peace-of-mind on set and in the studio.

4K and HD Monitoring

At 4K resolution, the ability to check focus and exposure is critical. The only way to do this is with proper, full 4K monitoring. Ki Pro Quad provides a full resolution output that can be fed to 4K monitors for real time, on set quality checks. Real time hardware scaling creates high quality HD-SDI and HDMI outputs for viewing on consumer and professional HD monitors, giving you additional options.

Raw Support

Raw data is the source from which all other image formats can be generated. This is the equivalent of a camera negative in film terms. Thunderbolt allows the bandwidth to record this Raw data via a single cable to a properly configured drive array. Ki Pro Quad supports Raw data pass-through while simultaneously recording to 4K ProRes files, for the ultimate in data security and flexibility.

Onboard Confidence Monitoring

The screen on the Ki Pro Quad is located on the same side as all of the user controls so that both the screen and controls are fully accessible even when the Ki Pro Quad is mounted to the camera along with other gear. This provides a quick reference of the input signal as well as the configuration menus. The current status of the Ki Pro Quad, as well as all the configuration information, is displayed on the built-in screen.

Small Enough to Mount Directly on the Camera

4K cameras are no longer giant pieces of machinery. They are as mobile as an HD camera and need a recording device that matches. Ki Pro Quad has the same side profile as the AJA Ki Pro Mini, so the same mounting accessories such as the Mini Mounting Plate can be used to mount the Ki Pro Quad to cameras, rails or whatever the situation calls for.

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