Azden IRC-22 Two-Channel Tabletop Microphone/Transmitter

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Product Highlights:

  • Compatible with IRR-15, IRR-30 & IRR-30P
  • InfraRed Transmitter & Wireless Mic
  • Uni-Directional Dynamic Tabletop Mic
  • Selectable Channel Frequencies x 2

The wireless microphone/transmitter is powered by six "AA" alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries (not included). More specifically, Azden's 1HR-3U rechargeable NiMH "AA" batteries are designed specifically for Azden transmitters. The IHR-3U rechargeable batteries can charge while in the transmitter. They are also specially prepared to trigger a safety interlock that stops the device from attempting to recharge regular (non-rechargeable) batteries. Plus, the microphone will still work - even while the batteries are charging.

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