Azden WR-PRO VHF Camera-Mount Wireless Receiver (169 & 170 MHz)

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Product Highlights:

  • Compatible with all Azden "PRO" series microphones
  • True diversity system
  • Range of over 200 feet
  • Two selectable VHF frequencies (169.445 & 170.245 MHz)

Designed for professional videographers on a limited budget and video hobbyists, the WR-PRO by Azden is a single-channel, camera-mountable VHF receiver with 2 selectable operating frequencies, allowing you to switch between frequencies if one is noisy or experiences interference. The wireless operating range is more than 200 feet. All receivers and transmitters in the PRO Series use the same circuitry and operate on the same 2 frequencies, F1 at 169.445 MHz and F2 at 170.245 MHz, making them interchangeable and allowing you to add to your system at any time.

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