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Teradek BOND-135RPC Bond, Cube 155 Encoder with MPEG-TS License, Cube 350 decoder Preconfigured Sputnik Server

Bond enables streaming 1080p HD video over five 3G/4G cellular modems from carriers worldwide. The device aggregates bandwidth from several cellular connections simultaneously and uses them in parallel to create a single, higher capacity connection for broadcasting over the Internet. Whether you are streaming directly to the Web or feeding content back to the control room, the Teradek Bond can transmit video to nearly any platform.

The Teradek Cube 155 HD-SDI Encoder with WiFi is a wireless camera-top video and embedded audio encoder. It connects to a camera by SDI and streams proxy files/dailies in H.264 to a decoder or website. You can stream by dual-band WiFi wherever a network is available, by Ethernet via an optional router, or by optional 3G/4G modem connection otherwise. You can also store the files to a MicroSD card as the Cube features a MicroSD slot with support for 32GB cards. 

The Teradek Cube-350 1 Channel HD-SDI Decoder is a low-power video decoder that combines with the Cube encoder to offer end-to-end streaming video solution for filmmaking, news gathering, and ProAV. It features a HD-SDI (serial digital interface) output, dual band WiFi (2.4/5.8 GHz), and an external USB port. In addition, the cube decoder features line-of-sight (waves traveling straight line) WiFi range up to 300’ (91 m).

Sputnik is Teradek’s software interface between Bond and your streaming destination. Sputnik is designed to run on a Linux computer either in the cloud (using Amazon’s EC2 services) or on a local server with a single, publicly addressable TCP port. Sputnik recombines the various video feeds from Bond into a cohesive stream that can then be sent to an H.264 decoder or played back online.

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