CC-HD1V Quick Draw Camera Case (Van Version)

CC-HD1V Quick Draw Camera Case (Van Version)
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The CC-HD1V is the "van version". It stays in the van and never comes out. It was originally requested as a custom order for a Television News Station for thier vans and car trunks. The case uses the same tough frame as the CC-HD1 Quick Draw Camera Case but without the top lid, no exterior pockets, no shoulder strap or leather handle.

The Porta Brace CC-HD1V Quick Draw Camera Case, Van Version (Signature Blue) is a top load case without a lid that provides easy access to a camcorder in a car, van or truck. This padded 1000 denier waterproofed Cordura nylon case has a rigid, reinforced core that resists crushing and puncturing. There are two foam blocks for lens and camera side support. The case holds a camcorder with an on-board battery and most wireless configurations attached. There is an aluminum viewfinder guard for protection and security. The case fits in car trunk or in the back of a van or truck and fastens securely using a seat belt and the Quick-Draw seat belt loops This Porta Brace case is made in Vermont, USA.


1000 denier Waterproofed Cordura nylon

 Extra heavy-duty interior padding

 Rigid, reinforced core resists crushing and puncturing

 Dirt and skid resistant "slip-not" bottom panel for superior impact cushioning

 Two foam blocks hold camera in place and provide lens support

Top-loading design lets ready-to-use camera slide out quickly

Holds camera with on-board battery attached

Crush-proof aluminum guard protects viewfinder

Fits in car trunk or in the back of a van or truck and fastens securely using the seat belt and Quick-Draw seat belt loops

Compatible with

  •  Ikegami DNS-201, DNS-33 camcorders
  •  Ikegami HDL-V90 camcorders
  •  Ikegami HL-DV5, HL-DV7WHL-V55, HL-V59, HL-V73, HL-V75W, HL-V77, HL-V77W, HL-V79W camcorders
  •  JVC GY-DV5001U, GY-DV5000U camcorders
  •  Panasonic AJ-D200, AJ-D210, AJ-D215, AJ-D400, AJ-D415, AJ-D610, AJ-D610WA, AJ-D700, AJ-D800, AJ-D810, AJ-D900, AJ-D910, AJ-D913 camcorders
  •  Panasonic AJ-HDC20A, AJ-HDC27A, AJ-HDC27F camcorders
  •  Panasonic AJ-HDX400, AJ-HDX900 camcorders
  •  Panasonic AJ-HPX2000, AJ-HPX2100, AJ-HPX2700, AJ-HPX3000, AJ-HPX3700, AJ-HPX500, AJ-HPX502 camcorders
  •  Panasonic AJ-SDC915, AJ-SDC615, AJ-SDC905, AJ-SDC915, AJ-SDX900, AJ-SPC700, AJ-SPX800 camcorders
  •  Sony BVW-D200, BVW-D300, BVW-D400, BVW-D600 camcorders
  •  Sony DNW7, DNW709WS, DNW7P, DNW9, DNW90, DNW90P, DNW90WS, DNW90WSP camcorders
  •  Sony DSR-130P, DSR-135P, DSR-400, DSR-450 camcorders
  •  Sony DVW-700, DVW-707, DVW-709WS, DVW-790WS, DVW-970 camcorders
  •  Sony HDW-700, HDW-730, HDW-730S, HDW-750, HDW-900, HDW-F900, HDW-F900R camcorders
  •  Sony MPEG-50 camcorder
  • Sony MSW-900, MSW-900P, MSW-970 camcorders
  •  Sony PDW-510, PDW-510P, PDW-530, PDW-700, PDW-F330, PDW-F350, PDW-F355 camcorders
  •  Sony UVW-100 camcorder
  • Similar size Professional/Broadcast camcorders `
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Material Exterior: 1000 denier waterproofed Cordura nylon Interior: Rigid, reinforced core Interior: Heavy-duty padding Interior: "Slip-not" bottom panel