Datavideo 4K Real-Time Chroma Keyer with 10-Bit, 4:4:4 Video Processing

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Product Highlights:

  • For UHD 4K Chroma Key Green/Blue Keying
  • 12G/6G/3G-SDI In/Out
  • Easy-to-Use Real-Time Compositing
  • Windows Software Application Control
  • Discrete Foreground/Background Inputs
  • Auxiliary HDMI Input
  • Matte Control
  • Post-Processing Image Correction
  • Rack-Mountable

The 4K Real-Time Chroma Keyer with 10-Bit, 4:4:4 Video Processing from Datavideo provides you with high-quality, real-time chroma keying using 10-bit processing and 4:4:4 color sampling for clean edges with limited artifacts. The keyer supports video up to UHD 4K, and it is designed to allow you to choose from green or blue as the background to key your foreground subject. The keyer does all the processing in real time, requiring your computer only for interface control and adjustment using the downloadable DVK-400 software app for Windows.

This is a live keyer, which allows you to composite a foreground over a live video background, supporting both SDI and HDMI inputs for foreground and background as well as SDI and HDMI outputs for preview and program output. A separate HDMI input allows for an external matte as well as text, graphics, and video overlays. The keyer's sophisticated algorithms help preserve the transparency in smoke as well as providing clean keys with blonde hair, water-filled bottles, or glass objects. The DVK-400 is 1 RU tall and has built-in rackmount ears; it also has removable feet for desktop applications.

Network Keyer

The DVK-400 is accessible when connected to a network and is controlled by a software application on your computer.


The software application is downloadable and requires a computer running Windows 10 or later.


  • The keyer features 4:4:4 color sampling support and 10-bit processing. This enables the DVK-400 to do all the heavy keying work while your computer only needs to handle the interface. This results in real-time 4K keying and is not dependent on the power of your computer.
  • A mirror feature is designed for the talent to see his or her own reference to the background objects.
  • You can adjust transparency, while preserving shadow detail. This allows you to work with elements such as blond hair, water bottles, or glass, while smoke and reflections can be easily keyed out by DVK-400.
  • Multiple HDMI and SDI outputs for Program and Preview with mirror option.

Intelligent Matte Control

Adjustable black and white levels allow for precise matte settings.

Garbage Matte

The keyer allows you to create and position a garbage matte for handling areas outside of the background, or items in frame that you don't want to composite.

Post Processing

You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the foreground element after keying to help it blend with the background without affecting the background.
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