Datavideo NVS-33 H.264 Video Streaming Encoder and MP4 Recorder


Product Highlights : 

  • H.264 Video Encoder
  • SDI and HDMI Inputs
  • Streams via RTMP, RTSP, and TS
  • Analog RCA L-R Audio Inputs

The Datavideo NVS-33 encodes incoming video to H.264 in real time and can send it to stream on the web while simultaneously recording to an SD card. The recording feature benefits content creators who want their video to be available on-demand after the live stream is over. The NVS-33 uses a simple web-based user interface (UI) that can be accessed from a standard web browser. The multi-language UI can configure the settings and also upgrade firmware from the web. The NVS-33 can accept video with embedded audio from SDI or HDMI sources. Audio can also be input from a dedicated L-R RCA audio input. Scaling and deinterlacing can be accomplished on any video input. Processing is done during the pre-encoding to preserve video quality. The front panel contains the status LEDs, power switch, and an SD card slot, which can record to cards formatted with FAT, exFAT, or NTFS file systems.

H.264 streaming and recording simultaneously

Supports different bitrates for recording and streaming 

1x SDI / HDMI input

NVS-33 is a small, easy-to-use video streaming and recording equipment designed for professional video producers.

Support RCA unbalanced audio input

Also support SDI / HDMI embedded audio

Streaming videos in RTMPS, RTMP, RTSP, and TS formats

Easy stream to YouTube, Facebook, and many other platforms.

Record on SD card

Easy to store. The NVS-33 can record MP4 or TS file to an SD card

Remotely controlled by Windows or Mac

Remotely controlled using a Windows / Apple PC or mobile device with a web browser.

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