DV171HD33S Metal Evaporated HDV TAPE

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Fujifilm DV171HD is the ultimate solution for low-cost High Definition video. DV171HD was designed to meet the needs of videographers and broadcast professionals who require a reliable, durable HDV videocassette that works as well in the field as it does in the studio.

Metal Evaporated Tape for the Next Generation using Newly-Developed Tape Layers

To enhance reliability and durability to meet every professional application and after extensive study, Fujifilm has redesigned every layer of the DV171HD's metal evaporated tape. This has resulted in the introduction of Fujifilm DV171HD which features an entirely-new magnetic layer, lubricant layer, DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) protective layer and base film. As a result, DV171HD offers unsurpassed durability and reliability with extremely high signal output.

1. NEW Hybrid Structured Lubricant Layer Consistent Stability Even Under Extreme Conditions

A new lubricant layer is used to coat the new DLC protective layer. This lubricant layer was created from two newly developed lubricant agents, and this achieves enhanced reliability in any environment, providing synergy with the new DLC protective layer.

2. NEW DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Protective Layer for Enhanced Reliability and Durability Excellent Durability is Achieved Through the Use of a New DLC Layer

The cobalt particles of the magnetic layer must be protected from damage and moisture. The newly-developed DLC layer delivers both durability and flexibility through the use of extremely small and evenly distributed carbon particles.

3. NEW 100% Cobalt High Energy Magnetic Layer High-Output is Achieved Through Extremely Small, Densely-Packed Magnetic Particles

By applying finer magnetic particles and packing them densely, DV171HD videocassettes record and playback high definition video and high quality sound by minimizing dropouts and spacing loss, in addition to delivering high-output, lower error rates and a high C/N ratio.

4. NEW Base Film for Improved Stability and Runnability Consistently Stable and Smooth Surface

The newly-developed base film provides improved tensile strength and stable transport. As a result, DV171HD videocassettes maintain their high signal output and offer outstanding durability and stable running in synergy with new lubricant layer and the new DLC layer.

High Reliability Even Under Extreme Conditions

DV171HD videocassettes deliver high reliability and durability even in the most demanding professional production environments and in every running mode. For example, during longer standby mode (still mode) and/or in repeated use such as editing, DV171HD videocassettes consistently deliver both high signal output and smooth tape transport.

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