DVO-1 DV Organizer Case (Advantage Camouflage)

DVO-1 DV Organizer Case (Advantage Camouflage)
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The DVO-1 and DVO-2 fit popular compact HD and miniDV cameras with a minimum amount of add-on items (no matte box, no wireless mics, etc.) A camera tie-down strap and cradle keeps the camera stable.

The Porta Brace DVO-1 Organizer Case (Advantage Camouflage) is designed to hold compact Mini DV camcorders and accessories. It is made from1000 denier Cordura fabric with a new, slip-resistant, easy-clean rubber bottom. It fits popular mini-DV cameras with add-on items such as wireless mics, etc. It has a universal cradle, a camera tie-down strap and a soft stuff pouch to keep the camcorder stable. A plush, 1.0" thick foam pad adds extra stability and protection.

The DV Organizer case is stackable and has a rigid wall frame, perfect for use as production cases. A detachable 15" microphone pocket, CS-B9 and CS-B6 zippered stuff sack, heavy-duty suede shoulder strap, snake light and white balance card are included. This case is made in Vermont, USA.


  •  1000 denier waterproof Cordura case
  •  1.0" thick foam pad for extra cushion
  •  Slip-resistant, easy-clean rubber bottom
  •  Rigid plastic walls



  •  Two large side pockets
  •  Detachable 15" microphone pocket
  •  Two interior mesh pockets
  •  One open slip pocket on the rear PB-B9 and PB-B6 zippered stuff sacks to carry fragile accessories
  • White balance card is included
  • Snake light for low-light conditions is included


Carrying options

  •  Suede leather covered grip handles
  •  Removable, adjustable, shoulder strap with a suede leather-covered pad



  • Canon GL-1 , GL-2 , XA10, XF300 ,XF305 , XH-A1 , XH-G1 ,XM-1 , XM-2
  • JVC GS-TD1
  • Panasonic AG-DVC80 ,AG-DVC80H , AG-DVX100 , AG-DVX100A , AG-DVX100B , AG-DVX100P , AG-DVX102B , AG-DVX202 , AG-HMC150 , AG-HMC40 , AG-HPX170 , AG-HPX171 ,AG-HVX200 , AG-HVX200A ,HDC-SDT750
  • Sony DCR-VX2000 , DCR-VX2100 , DSR-PD150, DSR-PD170 , HDR-AX2000 , HDR-FX1 ,HDR-FX7 , HVR-A1U , HVR-V1U , HVR-Z1U , HVR-Z5U ,HVR-Z7U , HXR-NX5U , NEX-FS100 , NEX-VG10 , PMW-EX1 , PMW-EX1R
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Material Exterior: 1000 denier Cordura fabric Interior: Plastic armored walls Interior: 1.0" thick foam pad