DVO-2 DV Organizer Camera Case (Signature Blue)

DVO-2 DV Organizer Camera Case (Signature Blue)
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The Digital Video Organizer is the ideal case to keep your camera and accessories organized with over 19 pockets and assorted pouches. The case has a rigid-frame that provides an extra level of protection and comes with dividers to split up the interior of the case to keep your tapes and batteries separate from your camera. Multiple cases are easily stackable while staging gear.

The Porta Brace DVO-2 DV Organizer Camera Case (Signature Blue) is designed to hold compact Mini DV camcorders and accessories. It is made from1000 denier Cordura fabric with a new, slip-resistant, easy-clean rubber bottom and rigid dividers. It holds the camera with a universal cradle and a camera tie-down strap. There is a soft stuff pouch to keep the camera stable. A plush, 1.0" thick foam pad adds extra stability and protection. The DVO-2 Organizer case is stackable and has a rigid wall frame, perfect for use as production cases. A detachable 15" microphone pocket, two CS-B9 zippered stuff sacks and white balance card are included. It is carried by suede leather-covered hand grips and a removable, adjustable, heavy-duty shoulder strap with suede leather-covered pad.

This case is made in Vermont, USA.


  •  1000 denier Cordura nylon
  •  Rigid corrugated plastic walls
  •  Plush 1.0" padded foam interior
  •  Set of rigid dividers that can be cut to customize the case
  •  Slip-resistant, easy-clean rubber bottom
  • CR universal adjustable camera cradle (fastens to bottom of case) will hold camcorder securely
  • A white balance card is included



  •  Detachable 15" microphone pocket
  •  Large, foam padded zippered front pocket
  •  Three slip pockets inside front pocket
  •  One large pocket inside front pocket
  •  Slip pocket on exterior of front pocket
  •  Two large end pockets
  •  Large zippered interior pocket
  •  Two zippered pockets on inside lid
  •  A removable PB-B9 Stuff Pack in the interior
  •  A removable PB-B6 Stuff Pack in the interior


Carrying options

  •  Removable, adjustable, heavy-duty, shoulder strap with suede leather-covered pad
  •  Two suede leather-covered hand grips


Compatible With

  •  Canon GL-1
  • Canon GL-2
  • Canon XF300
  •  Canon XF305
  •  Canon XH-A1
  •  Canon XH-G1
  •  Canon XM-1
  •  Canon XM-2
  •  JVC GY-DV300
  •  Panasonic AG-3DA1
  •  Panasonic AG-DVC80
  •  Panasonic AG-DVC80H
  •  Panasonic AG-DVX100
  •  Panasonic AG-DVX100A
  •  Panasonic AG-DVX100B
  •  Panasonic AG-DVX100P
  •  Panasonic AG-DVX102B
  •  Panasonic AG-DVX202
  •  Panasonic AG-HMC150
  •  Panasonic AG-HMC40
  •  Panasonic AG-HMC70
  •  Panasonic AG-HMC71E
  •  Panasonic AG-HMC72
  • Panasonic AG-HMC74
  •  Panasonic AG-HPX171
  •  Panasonic AG-HVX200
  •  Panasonic AG-HVX200A
  •  Sony DCR-VX2000
  •  Sony DCR-VX2100
  •  Sony DSR-PD150
  •  Sony DSR-PD170
  •  Sony HDR-FX1
  •  Sony HDR-FX7
  •  Sony HVR-V1U
  •  Sony HVR-Z1U
  •  Sony HVR-Z5U
  •  Sony HXR-NX5U
  •  Sony PMW-EX1
  •  Sony PMW-EX1R
  • Sony HDR-AX2000
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Material Exterior: 1000 denier Cordura fabric Interior: Plastic armored walls Interior: 1.0" thick foam pad