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SWF16 V2
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ExaSAN SWF16 V2 is the newest member of the PCIe 2.0 switch family. With 16 ports, it allows up to 12 clients to share over 700 terabytes of storage for efficient, productive, and collaborative workflow
Making its Mark
Accusys Direct Attached Storage products based on PCIe1.1, to switch products that allowed 12 client workstations to share storage at speeds exceeding Fibrechannel storage capabilities at the time, Accusys is an innovator of the first order.  Initial products transferred data at 10Gb/s based on PCIe1.1 technology.   The 10Gb/s data pipe is available to each client workstation as well as to/from PCIe RAID storage.  Currently Accusys is shipping a broad  line of high speed, expandable family of PCIe2.0 storage and switch products called ExaSAN.  PCIe2.0 protocol supports 20Gb/s speeds allowing a single ExaSAN 12bay RAID to provide 1200MB/s data rate to connected client workstations in a PCIe SAN (Storage Area Network)  or in DAS.
Providing a high speed hardware platform was only the mandatory foundation.  To make shared storage easy to setup and use, and accessible to the small and medium post and production shops, Accusys determined that SAN management software tuned for the ExaSAN PCIexpress switch products would fulfill the "easy" part mentioned earlier.  So in 2012, Accusys developed and introduced SANit 2, its own SAN management software and bundled it with a MDC (Meta Data Controller) integrated into a 1U rackmount PCIe2.0 based 16 port (12 client + 4 storage) switch named the SWF16 V2. 
Simple Collaborative Workflows
ExaSAN SWF16 V2 is the newest member of the PCIe 2.0 switch family. With 16 ports, it allows up to 12 clients to share over 700 terabytes of storage for efficient, productive, and collaborative workflow. 4 ports are allocated for ExaSAN storage systems such as the 2U, 12bay, A12S2-PS and JBODs. SWF16 V2 provides 20Gb/s of bandwidth to each client, and 20Gb/s to each storage port through the 20Gb/s QFSP connections. The maximum capacity that can be shared to the 12 clients is 768TB using 4TB HDDs, making it the largest PCIe2.0 based SAN available.
Buy It. Install it. Set It Up . Start Collaborating!
Accusys’ new SWF16 V2 PCIe ExaSAN switch provides 12 client ports and 4 storage ports all with 20Gb/s connections to the switch.  Making the SWF16 V2 unique is the fact that a MDC host with mirrored SATA2 disk integrated into the 1U rackmount switch.  In addition, a 6 seat SANit license bundle is included effectively providing a discount of 30% compared to individual seat licenses. Setting up a ExaSAN has never been easier.  With a few simple configurations on each client, your clients can begin taking advantage of and receive benefits of sharing storage.
Cost Effective, Purpose Built, Scalable Video SAN Solution- ExaSAN
Many post production workgroups, as frame sizes and the resultant asset files grow, realize the necessity for centralizing storage in a SAN.  Centralizing storage reduces costs due to eliminating duplication of media assets/storage systems, eliminating time waiting for files, and managing staff managing storage.  Traditional SANs based on Fibrechannel are expensive and complex, hence a lot of training is required.  ExaSAN SWF16 V2, with a limit on the number of clients, is not as scalable as Fibrechannel, so setting it up and managing it is not so complicated.  You do not require the services of a IT staffer or two with multiple certifications and salaries commensurate with the knowledge to design, configure, and install 2000TB of SAN storage.   Consider the implications if a change in the workflow was required, under the time pressure of an excited director/producer.  The SWF16 V2 was purpose built to meet the needs of small and medium post and production shops to minimize setup time and costs and at the same time provide speed of  storage common in the big post and production shops.  In this way ExaSAN SWF16 V2 enables the small and medium post shops to compete for the same projects that the big shops routinely win.  
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