JVC GY-HM850-XT17 Full HD camcorder, Fujinon XT17 lens, Wi-Fi/FTP

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The GY-HM850 is a very nicely-weighted shoulder-mount form factor camera. It features a new interchangeable Fujinon XT17 Standard focal length 1/3" ENG lens with ergonomic digital servo, flat f-stop ramping, and Quick Zoom. The camera is also available as a version without lens (GY-HM850CHE), enabling you to use your own 1/3” lenses. The GY-HM850 provides outstanding full HD image capture and delivery, while the built-in...

JVC GY-HM850-XT17 (GYHM850XT17) Full HD Shoulder-Mount ENG Camcorder with 3x 1/3inch CMOS Sensors, 50Mbps Recording, Advanced Networking, ENG Form Factoring and Fujinon XT17 lens. Whether you're shooting news, commercials, sports, documentaries or special events, JVC's new GY-HM850 is your first choice in an affordable high-performance shoulder camera. Its new 3-CMOS optical system delivers pristine HD images to solid state memory the camera streams live video and audio via Wi-Fi or a plug-in LTE modem. It features a removable 20x Fujinon auto-focus lens, 4 channels of audio, dual memory card recording, and a new virtually lossless 50 Mbps recording mode. With the GY-HM850, you'll be First On-Air and First On-Line.

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